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Nichia Expands its High-Power LED Portfolio, Bringing New Solutions to the World of LED Lighting

Nichia, the world’s largest LED manufacturer and inventor of high-brightness blue and white LEDs, is pleased to announce the additions of the NVSW719AC and NVSW219C-V2 to its industry standard ceramic, high-power 3535 size portfolio of LEDs. With state-of-the-art technology, the NVSW719AC is a completely new LED that expands the possibility of lighting design while the NVSW219C-V2 delivers unparalleled color uniformity via a dome-less structure.

Through Nichia’s innovative technology of multiple light-emitting layers that reach three times the luminance of a conventional product, the NVSW719AC is the world's first LED to achieve such super high luminance. It enables the simplification and miniaturization of luminaire design, and leads to the realization of completely new lighting spaces. Additionally, super high luminance enables irradiation with a higher brightness than ever before, even from a limited, small space. Nichia envisions portable lights and machine vision applications as ideal applications to greatly take advantage of these features. 

With a focus on quality of light, the NVSW219C-V2 is a dome-less structured LED with improved color uniformity. While higher luminous flux and higher efficiency have traditionally been required for point light source LEDs, recently there has been an increasing demand for higher quality of light. An important strategy at Nichia for many years has been to develop and deliver various LEDs with a pursuit for the highest quality of light.  By utilizing Nichia’s expertise and technology in phosphors and LEDs cultivated over many years, Nichia developed the NVSW219C-V2 which provides a superior quality of light. This LED emphasizes a match with existing secondary optics and offers elite color consistency when viewed from any angle.

These two new LEDs have unique and distinctive characteristics; however, both have been developed in industry standard 3535 size, and applied a ceramics package therefore maintaining the highest reliability. They were developed based on a completely different directional concept that has never been seen before, and therefore Nichia expects it to bring new perspectives to the world of LED lighting.

Nichia continues to develop products that are useful to society.

To learn more about these new products, visit Nichia’s Websites: 19 SeriesSuper High Luminance LED.

Note: NVSW719AC and NVSW219C-V2 are Nichia’s part number.

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