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Nichia Expands the Color Portfolio of its Direct Mountable Chip Series, a High Luminous Flux Density Chip Scale LED

Nichia, the world’s largest LED manufacturer and inventor of high-brightness blue and white LEDs, announces the additions of the E11A (1.1mm×1.1mm) Red, Brilliant Red and Green to its high luminous flux density Direct Mountable Chip portfolio.

The Direct Mountable Chip is a chip-scale LED which has been developed through Nichia's technology and expertise in phosphors and LEDs. Its color series has already been commercialized in the larger E17A (1.7mm x 1.7mm), and has received a high reputation through their various key features, including a compact fixture design enabled by high luminous flux density, optimal color mixing provided by its compact light emission size, and uniformed forward voltage in all colors making electrical control easier. While maintaining the excellent characteristics of the Direct Mountable Chip, the E11A color series with a smaller size of 1.1mm x 1.1mm has now been added to the portfolio. In addition to landscape lighting, architectural lighting and indirect lighting, Nichia expects that this expansion of the color portfolio will provide flexibility for the fixture designs and contribute to expanding applications.

Additionally, Nichia plans to launch a blue version later within 2023. Nichia continues to develop products that are useful to society. 

To learn more about Direct Mountable Chip, refer to Nichia’s Website: 
Direct Mountable Chip
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