Nichia | ISAL 2023 | Automotive | Aug 31, 2023

Nichia Showcases Latest Innovative Products in Automotive Lighting at ISAL 2023

Nichia, a leading global LED manufacturer, is exhibiting its latest automotive lighting solutions at the 15th International Symposium of Automotive Lighting (ISAL 2023) held from September 25 to 27 in Darmstadt, Germany. Nichia’s participation this year coincides with celebrations connected to the 30th anniversary of the company inventing the world’s first high brightness blue LED.

ISAL 2023 is one of Europe’s most influential scientific conventions for automotive lighting. The event enables hundreds of industry leaders and experts to highlight new advances in electronics engineering to improve road safety and address developing transport standards and regulations. Nichia will feature its latest solutions at ISAL on Booth no. 2. 

Taking center stage will be Nichia’s µPLS, a pioneering light engine solution which integrates pixelated micro-LEDs (μLEDs) ideal for high-definition (HD) adaptive driving beam applications. The technology delivers the brightness, high pixel density with individual pixel control, and flexible connectivity required to enable it to be smoothly integrated into a modern electrical/electronic (E/E) car architecture.

Additionally, Nichia has been invited to deliver a technical poster presentation. The talk will provide a deeper dive into the µPLS and its integrated driver IC developed by Infineon which can operate over 16,000 μLEDs individually using pulse-width modulation (PWM) control. Besides enabling multiple interfaces to stream high-speed video, control, and diagnostics data from an electronic control unit (ECU), the IC’s integrated dynamic power management and sophisticated thermal monitoring enables optimal driving conditions and operational control.  

“Due to the acceleration in E/E car architecture systems, the market is gearing up to implement solutions that deliver both high resolution and versatility,” explains Menno Schakel, Technical Marketing Engineer at Nichia Europe GmbH. “We look forward to presenting how Nichia's latest technology solutions can support automotive OEMs and design houses to deploy digital front lighting modules into their plans.”

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