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Nichia Shows LED Innovation at Lichtwoche 2022

At Lichtwoche 2022 in Munich, Nichia, the world’s largest LED manufacturer and inventor of the high-brightness blue and white LEDs, will show its cutting-edge innovation.

High quality lighting solutions boost efficiency and occupant comfort, as the industry moves beyond CFL

Together with feno, the LED systems pioneer and market leader, Nichia will demonstrate how it is transforming the possibilities of LED technology for the lighting industry.

At the feno premises, Nichia will recreate a demo space (a “dark room”) where visitors to Lichtwoche can experience the technological innovations in the field of LED and Human Centric Lighting (HCL) and catch up with Nichia’s highlights from the recent Light + Building trade fair: Dynasolis™, Optisolis™, 2-in-1 tunable white LEDs and Vitasolis™.

Visitors will also have an exclusive chance to experience light art by James Turrell at feno: “The Elliptical Glass”, a rare and fascinating installation by the world famous light artist.

Another relevant topic is the EU-wide ban on fluorescent and compact fluorescent lamps (FL/CFL) as part of the “Restriction of the use of Hazardous Substances” (RoHS Directive) which is taking effect in several steps between February 25th and September 1st, 2023. On November 8 at 4:30pm, Nichia will speak about how LED solutions provide an efficient and high-quality upgrade from CFL. Nichia is the leader in LED technology and innovations, and has the most comprehensive HCL portfolio to meet the needs of the market.

“LED has always been a better alternative to FLs and CFLs. Next to the avoidance of hazardous materials such as mercury, LEDs are providing better efficacy, and better robustness to shock and temperature, and last but not least they can be combined with sensors and controls to deliver significant energy savings and enable better lighting options,” says Dr Ulf Meiners, Managing Director at Nichia Germany. “As one of the leading LED innovators in the world, Nichia is providing solutions for any CFL application that is not just an alternative, but an upgrade to a quality light that promotes wellbeing through a full range of Human Centric Lighting solutions including tunable circadian lighting.”

In the “dark room” Nichia will be showcasing Dynasolis, a new LED tuning solution that regulates circadian rhythms by simultaneously adjusting melanopic illuminance and color temperature while maintaining high CRI (color rendering index) and high efficacy.

Most existing HCL systems work by changing CCT (correlated color temperature), the visual element. Nichia also focuses on the non-visual element that truly addresses human circadian rhythms. By combining two separate LED spectra, this enables biologically effective light to sustainably enhance mood and wellbeing.

Nichia will also show its innovative Optisolis LEDs and COB (chip on board) solutions that accurately mimic natural light without producing any harmful UV light. Optisolis delivers a natural colour rendering performance through the exceptional CRI value of Ra98and an R9 of over 94. As well as showing objects more vividly, Optisolis also preserves them at their best, helping prevent the degradation of artworks, printed materials, and textiles, while simultaneously delivering significant energy savings.

Nichia’s Vitasolis emits a natural white color with a high content of blue-green energy proven to stimulate awakening and support a vibrant life. Vitasolis can help improve productivity and learning in offices, schools, hospitals, and many other locations.

Finally, Nichia will showcase its 2-in-1 tunable white, single light-emitting surface (LES), mid-power 3030 LED. This innovative product allows for a higher color quality of up to Ra≥90. It delivers elegant color tuning and mixing within a single LES to provide easier integration into edge-lit waveguides. It also enables creative design potential such as thinner, sleeker optical luminaire designs, eliminating the need for bulky color mixing chambers.

About Nichia Corporation
Having ‘Ever Researching for a Brighter World’ as a motto, Nichia takes great pride in being the technology leader and world’s largest LED manufacturer. Founded in 1956 as a specialist chemical producer, Nichia quickly became the leader in luminescent materials (phosphors). Nichia later developed and commercialised the first high brightness blue LED in 1993 and the first white LED in 1996. Additional nitride-based LEDs in various colours were developed, including ultraviolet and visible laser diodes. Nichia believes that its products will remain at the forefront of energy efficient solutions throughout the world for years to come.

Nichia will continue to be a company that makes contributions to the world by evolving its original and unique technologies and ‘Ever Researching for a Brighter World’.

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