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Optical Quality Assurance of AR/VR Devices

Instrument Systems’ new LumiTop 5300 AR/VR is ideal for 2D testing of AR/VR displays modules prior to installation in the headset.

The new LumiTop 5300 AR/VR color measurement camera meets the very specific test requirements for displays for AR/VR headsets and is optimized for near-eye display testing. Its lens reproduces the human eye as realistically as possible and measures color and luminance as the user sees it. The LumiTop 5300 has a very high resolution of 24 MP and a large field-of-view (FoV) of 122° x 107°. This allows most headset displays to be captured in high quality with just a single shot. The straight lens is perfect for testing AR/VR display modules in the production line before mounting them in the headset. The proven LumiTop 4000 AR/VR system with 12 MP resolution is ideal for quality control at the end of the production chain. A periscope lens imitates the human eye pupil and provides easy access to measure the final headset displays.

The LumiTop AR/VR system is also based on the proven LumiTop principle: while an RGB camera captures the image of the headset in one shot, a reference spectroradiometer measures the spectrum of the image to provide highly accurate absolute luminance and color values. Since the measurement results are fully traceable to national standards, time-consuming golden sample calibration is unnecessary. The simultaneous measurement of 2D images, spectrum and flicker values makes the LumiTop one of the fastest, all-round high-precision system solutions for diverse AR/VR tasks.

At Booth 6101 of SPIE.AR|VR|MR 2024 in San Francisco, Instrument Systems will be launching its new LumiTop 5300 AR/VR, enhancing its comprehensive AR/VR measurement portfolio along the entire production chain.

At Photonics West 2024, Booth 4205-12 (German Pavilion), Instrument Systems will showcase its measurement solutions for IR sensing and IR emitters (Laser and VCSEL).

About Instrument Systems GmbH

Instrument Systems GmbH, founded in Munich in 1986, develops and manufactures high-end light measurement applications that are indispensable to the manufacturers of consumer electronics, AR/VR displays, LED wafers, VCSEL laser systems, automotive lighting and LED/SSL modules. Its core products are array spectrometers and imaging colorimeters. All solutions profit from our CAS series of high-precision spectroradiometers that are recognized and in use worldwide. In combination with 2D imaging colorimeters, integrating spheres and goniometer systems, they enable high-precision and accurate measurements in the entire range from UV to IR, traceable to the PTB or NIST. Today, Instrument Systems is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of light measurement technology. The Optronic line of products for the automotive industry and traffic technology is developed and marketed at its Berlin facility. Our subsidiary in Korea complements the product portfolio with the ‘Kimsoptec Line’ for the Korean light & display market. Since 2012, Instrument Systems has belonged to the Konica MinoIta Group.

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