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Organic Lighting Launches FortaCast in Europe: Pioneering Modular Drive-Over Lighting

Organic Lighting announces the international launch of FortaCast, a patented modular drive-over lighting system that simplifies the complexities of inground drive-over lighting with an innovative, proven, and futureproof design. FortaCast introduces a new era of creative design possibilities in lighting, featuring environmentally friendly Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) sections that allow for continuous straight lines, circles, squares, intersections, and curves with a minimal radius of 30cm.

Engineered for simplicity and robustness, FortaCast can be installed as easily as standard pavers providing significant savings against alternative options. It boasts a high durability level, supporting over 10,000PSI and is suitable for high-traffic areas. The system operates efficiently across extreme temperatures, from sub-zero conditions to above 50°C, and features IP68 certification for long-term submersibility. Maintenance is straightforward, thanks to its pioneering clamshell service point design and slide-in track for each LED strip. 

The FortaCast system is illuminated by the encapsulated, diffused Aqueon LED, offering options in mono, tunable white, addressable RGB, and RGBW. These LEDs are floodproof, chemical-resistant, and vibration-proof. With a very low energy consumption of 6 to 12 W/m and operating at 50% power, Aqueon LEDs boast enhanced longevity.

A primary goal in developing FortaCast is guaranteeing uninterrupted lighting for users. System reliability is maintained by using non-corrosive materials and enabling the replacement of up to 30 meters of Aqueon LED through a single access point, eliminating the need for excavation or lens removal.

FortaCast’s fast-growing inventory of standard sections means most project requirements can be met quickly. Additionally, custom-designed sections can be produced in various colors, textures, widths, and shapes to match specific design needs.

FortaCast has expanded its applications beyond decorative lighting to provide dependable, energy-efficient illumination for transportation and infrastructure projects.

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FortaCast is a registered trademark of Organic Lighting Systems, Inc.

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