Nichia | Vitasolis | Featured | HCL | Mar 08, 2022

Osaka Umeda Twin Towers South Chooses Nichia’s Vitasolis™ LED Technology

Nichia’s Vitasolis™ has been implemented in lighting at the recently completed Osaka Umeda Twin Towers South. Osaka Umeda Twin Towers South is a large-scale complex constructed by Hanshin Electric Railway Co., Ltd. and Hankyu Corporation. While construction began in 2014, it was just recently completed in its entirety on February 25, 2022. The office zone from the 11th floor to the 38th floor of the building was designed with three concepts in mind: "Heart of Umeda," "Huge hospitality services," and a “Wellbeing experience.” This building actively installed a facility contributing to wellbeing with the focus of WELLCO, a floor dedicated to office workers on the 12th floor.

Vitasolis™ is installed in Mitsubishi Electric Lighting Corporation’s fixtures and equipped in the working space of WELLCO. This product is effective in reducing eye strain, stress, and improving work efficiency by regulating circadian rhythms which are the biological rhythms of humans. These benefits are the reason the Vitasolis™ was selected for this project as they fit the purpose of the space and the concept of the building.

Mr. Shogo Yamazaki, Group Leader of Design Department at Takenaka Corporation, noted “After a long 7 years, the building has been completed. From the onset of a comprehensive planning stage, we searched for the right office technology that would be suitable for this project and happened to come across the light of Vitasolis™. We believe that the comfort and work efficiency gained by the spectrum of Vitasolis™ will contribute to improved workers’ productivity. Therefore, we decided to install it in the building.”

Professor Masayoshi Kamijo at Shinshu University proved the effects from Vitasolis™. “Upon measuring the level of physical and mental comfort and the level of stress, there has been a tendency that people working in a room lit with the Vitasolis™ spectrum experienced reduced tiredness and stress, and an increase in work efficiency in terms of psychology and physiology.”

Nichia continuously explores how light brings value and enhances people’s life and will endlessly pursue the ideal light source.

For more information about Vitasolis™, refer to Nichia’s website. (link)


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