Quantum Dots | Nano-Lit Technologies | Trends | Mar 09, 2021

Quantum Dots Launch For The First Time In Lighting

Vancouver based, Nano-Lit Technologies lighting system adjusts wavelengths and colour temperature throughout the day to support the alignment of the body’s circadian rhythm to the day-night cycle. SENSO Lighting fixtures with Nano-Lit light engines address features within the WELL Light concept of WELL v2. The effect of light on people is an emerging area of study and to date we know more about its effect on plants than people in buildings.

Thus, Nano-Lit is working with circadian rhythm researchers at five leading US and Canadian universities to study lighting as part of the treatment regimen for cancer, delirium, insomnia, depression and aging-related conditions.

Dr. Chris Mason, Chairman and Member of the Board of Directors, will for the Nano-Lit investigation leverage some of the research protocols Dr. Mason developed for the NASA Twin Study, where he was the Principal Investigator for the genetics and gene expression components of the research - including responses to circadian rhythm disruption.

Quantum Dots, which facilitate improved wavelength control as well as minimise blue light more than standard LED phosphors, have been used in Biotechnology for screening for decades and in the past five years have been used in the Samsung
QLED displays.

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IWBI™ is leading the global movement to transform buildings and communities in ways that help people thrive. IWBI™ delivers the cutting-edge WELL Building Standard™, the leading global rating system and the first to be focused exclusively on the ways that buildings, and everything in them, can improve comfort, drive better choices, and generally enhance, not compromise, health and wellness. WELL also works alongside LEED to ensure that buildings and communities preserve energy and precious resources for a brighter and more equitable future; while supporting enhanced human health, well-being and performance. To date, over 3,800 projects with more than 450 million square feet of registered space are participating in WELL in 58 countries.

“Lighting plays an important role in keeping us energized and maintaining our internal clocks," said IWBI™ CEO and Chairman Rick Fedrizzi. "We’re excited to now experience a circadian lighting solution within our own global HQ.”


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