Business | RTA | Tunnel Lighting | Jun 14, 2023

RTA Upgrades Tunnel Lighting Through 14,400 Eco-friendly LED Units

Dubai's Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has replaced 14,400 traditional lighting units with contemporary, eco-friendly LED lights. This upgrade included at least 39 tunnels and crossings, spanning a total of 22.6 km.

RTA is deeply committed to energy conservation, strengthening Dubai and the UAE's standing in green economy and sustainability besides promoting a clean environment. In doing so, RTA is committed on implementing the best international practices to achieve financial sustainability through optimal utilisation and extension of the lifespan of its assets. The project entailed re-engineering the operating systems of tunnel lighting units and night road crossings, with sustainable, eco-friendly lights. 

“RTA recently renovated the lighting for 39 tunnels. This 6-month project, entailed some of Dubai's prominent tunnels including the Airport Tunnel, Shindagha Tunnel, Dubai Mall Tunnel, and the Dubai World Trade Centre Tunnel,” statedMaitha bin Adai, CEO of Traffic and Roads Agency, RTA.

“LED lighting units have many eco-friendly features, such as consuming 60% less energy than traditional lighting units and offering an increased lifespan by up to 177% in comparison to older lights. The new lights have a lifespan of 50,000 hours, compared to 18,000 hours for conventional lighting units, which reduces the frequency of lights replacements and minimizes maintenance and operational costs. Furthermore, compared to traditional lamps there's a 20% reduction in energy loss and heat emissions, enhancing the efficiency of both the units’ lighting operational system and the tunnels’ energy supply network,” added bin Adai.

“RTA carefully evaluated the level of brightness and colour clarity inside Dubai's tunnels when installing the new lighting units to ensure optimal visibility for road users, consequently enhancing traffic safety. The LED lighting units offer a lighting intensity of 6000 lumens compared to 4000 lumens for older lamps, improving the lighting quality. These units do not include environmentally harmful chemicals, like mercury found in traditional lights, which serves RTA and Dubai's vision of achieving environmental sustainability.

“RTA will continue improving street lighting systems and its facilities across Dubai by introducing cutting-edge technologies that are well-suited to the UAE's environmental and climatic conditions. It will also apply sustainability principles in maintaining these assets,” concluded bin Adai.

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