microLEDs | LEDMAN | Lars Samuelson | Appointments | May 31, 2022

Swedish Academician Lars Samuelson Visited Ledman for Academic Exchange on Micro LED Technology

Lars Samuelson, professor of Lund University, LU and academician of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, Academician of the Swedish Academy of Engineering, accompanied by four others, visited Ledman Headquarters building. Martin Lee, Chairman and President of Ledman, Tu Menglong, Senior Director of Technology R&D Center and other leaders, on behalf of Ledman, extended a warm welcome to them, showing them around the exhibition hall of Ledman and holding cordial exchanges.

Lars Samuelson expressed his admiration for Ledman's diversified application of Micro LED display technology, various UHD star display products, and creative LED display products based on COB advanced technology. He was deeply impressed by Ledman giant-screen cinema based on COB packaging technology and Micro LED UHD display screen, and Ledman giant-screen living room immersive viewing experience.

Lars Samuelson is chair professor at Southern University of Science and Technology. Chairman Martin Lee, a technical expert in China's LED industry, is an industry professor at the School of Engineering, Southern University of Science and Technology. Both sides shared the phased achievements of Micro LED display application and discussed the technology trend. Lars Samuelson said that the global Micro LED technology is halfway in the journey towards the goal. Ledman is undoubtedly a leader in the research and development of Micro LED technology, boasting complete technical industry chain and strong momentum of development. He hoped for there to be deeper product cooperation and technical exchanges in the future between the two sides.

Chairman Martin Lee said that Ledman has a number of independent core technologies and dozens of technology patents in Micro LED technology. Many world-famous manufacturers, including Samsung, SONY, and Apple, are developing Micro LED technology. Thanks to continuous input in R&D, Ledman has mass-produced multiple series of Micro LED products, such as P1.9, P1.5, P1.2, P0.9, P0.6 and P0.4. Its footprints have covered Ledman UHD display large screen, Ledman smart conference interactive large screen, and Ledman UHD giant screen.

Micro LED UHD screens, a market favorite since mass production, have been widely used in high-end conferences, big data centers, education and teaching, telemedicine, home theater and other application scenarios. Micro LED based on COB packaging technology, embodiment of diachronic progress and extraordinary performance, is far superior to  traditional display screen in protection, self-illumination, high brightness, wide color gamut, long life, low energy consumption, and response speed. It is the next generation of display technology geared towards the future.