Research | Measurement | Jun 26, 2023

The Influence of a Photometric Distance on Luminance Measurements

Luminance measurements are the least frequent of all photometric measurements. This article characterizes and systematizes the various methods of luminance measurement. In particular, the method of direct luminance measurement using modern luminance meters (ILMD) is described in detail. This paper presents the results of the study on the influence of the measurement distance on the luminance measurement results.

Two ILMD meters (laboratory and portable) and a luminance standard were used in this study. The conducted research showed that an incorrectly chosen measuring distance can lead to significant measurement errors of up to several tens of percent. In addition, the possible impact of incorrect measurements on the design of an interior lighting installation was presented. It was shown that the selected interior lighting installation can consume more than 40 percent more electricity compared to the installation based on the correct luminance measurements of the luminaires with diffuse shades. In the final stage of the study, the definition of the photometric test distance for luminance measurements using ILMD was proposed. The test results can be particularly useful for the luminance measurements of OLEDs or the luminaires with diffuse luminous character. However, these results can also be used for luminance measurements of other light sources and luminaires.

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