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Tiger Lin, Chairman of Unilumin Group: Metasight Integration, LED Technology Becomes the Mainstream

At the 2023 World Conference on Display Industry, Tiger Lin, Chairman of Unilumin Group, delivered a speech "Digitalized Metasight lights up hundreds of countries and thousands of cities".

What is Metasight?
Metasight represents the fusion of light and display. Rooted in LED semiconductor technology, it seamlessly integrates advanced technologies such as AI, naked-eye 3D, 5G, and 4K/8K resolutions. Beyond mere technology, Metasight embodies art and design, catering to the evolving visual experience demands in sectors like commerce and entertainment.

How is Metasight Applied?
Micro LED stands at the forefront of the LED industry, offering comprehensive coverage. While Mini LED primarily employs packaging methods like COB and MIP, Micro LED leans towards COG and MIP. It's evident that MIP technology will soon supersede traditional SMD technology.

Unilumin is pioneering this shift by introducing COB and MIP products and has achieved mass production with UMicro 0.4, securing a top position in the industry.

Furthermore, Micro LED represents the convergence and evolution of LCD and OLED technologies. Transitioning from B2B to B2C, Micro LED technology promises a vast market potential with minimal investment and substantial returns, projecting a market valuation in the hundreds of billions (RMB).

What Does Metasight Integration Entail?
Virtual production, with its enhanced efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and lifelike performance, holds immense promise. Currently, of the 140 virtual studios globally, 110 are established by ROE, a Unilumin Group subsidiary.

With the rising significance of digital virtual humans, Unilumin offers comprehensive digital virtual human solutions.

Beyond virtual production, Unilumin also specializes in LED screens for film projection. Notably, it's the sole enterprise in the LED sector boasting four DCI movie screen certifications, challenging foreign projection monopolies.

A notable instance of Metasight integration is the Saudi Riyadh Season program. Unilumin set a new benchmark by crafting a 35-meter-diameter LED spherical screen for the event, earning a Guinness World Record in 2022.

Moreover, the software control system is pivotal to the Metasight solution. Unilumin's "software-defined big screen" facilitates IoT integration and crafts digital Metasight landscapes. This empowers users to adeptly manage Metasight environments using the software system.

As a global trailblazer in the LED domain, Unilumin envisions a future where digitized Metasight illuminates countless cities worldwide.

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