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WHITE PAPER: High-Luminance LEDs for Directional Lighting Applications

High-luminance directional lighting (HLDL) refers to light sources that provide bright illumination (luminance) and are designed to focus (collimate) light rays into a beam shape that points in a specific direction.

Compared to more diffuse or general-purpose lighting, HLDL offers designers the ability to create lighting schemes that support demanding visual tasks, accent specific objects or features of a building or environment, and illuminate the darkest nights or underground spaces.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction to High-Luminance Directional Lighting

2. Applications of Directional Lighting

3. What Does “High Luminance” Really Mean?

4. Performance Criteria of Directional Lighting Products

5. Optical Considerations for High-Luminance LEDs

6. Technology Considerations for High-Luminance LEDs

7. Selecting the Right LED for Your High-Performance Directional Lighting Applications

8. Conclusion

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High-Luminance LEDs for Directional Lighting Applications

Authors: Tom Jory, Paul Sims, Yi-Ying Lai
Created: February 3, 2023
Sponsored by: LUMINUS Devices, Inc.
Pages: 31, Copyrights 2023


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