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White Paper | Lighting for Health: Human-Centric Lighting

Lighting designers and luminaire makers want to understand how to leverage advanced LEDs to achieve efficient human centric lighting solutions that promote human health, productivity, and rest.

Using Advanced LEDs to Achieve Lighting Design that Promotes Human Health, Productivity, and Rest.
by Tom Jory, Yi-Ying Lai, and Paul Sims; Luminus, USA

This white paper describes the basic science behind healthy lighting to promote a natural circadian rhythm and discusses the benefits of light sources with enhanced spectrums for healthy daytime lighting, without over-lighting and without having to use blue tinted high CCT sources.

Key Topics:

  • Light/Health scientific backgrounds
  • How to calculate HCL designs
  • Practical solutions
  • Case studies
  • Graphs, diagrams, charts, formulas, etc.

"Lighting for Health: Human-Centric Lighting

Authors: Tom Jory, Yi-Ying Lai, and Paul Sims


Provided by Luminus, USA
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