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XLamp® S Line LEDs Offer Highest Sulfur & Corrosion Resistance

Cree LED has expanded its portfolio of XLamp LEDs with new S Line versions of the XP-G3 Photophyll™ Select, XP-G3 Royal Blue and XP-E2 Far Red horticulture LEDs.

These S Line versions feature the industry’s highest level of sulfur and corrosion resistance making them last longer in harsh greenhouse environments. This same S Line technology has been proven reliable for many years in harsh, long-life outdoor lighting applications and Cree LED is now making it available on a wider range of horticulture LEDs. LED lights with longer lifetimes can deliver higher ROI due to their longer operational time with no replacement or repair expenses. S Line versions of these LEDs also improve system reliability through many rounds of power cycling or dimming. 

In addition, the flagship XLamp XP-G3® Photo Red S Line LED now has up to 14% higher efficiency, with a typical wall-plug efficiency of 84.8% at 350 mA, 25°C. Improvements in LED efficiency translate into lower energy consumption and costs for the same amount of light on the plants. It will cost less money in electricity to garner the same increase in yields on the crops, increasing profits for the growers. Lower energy consumption can also lower the initial cost to electrify unpowered greenhouses, enabling artificial lighting to be used in more greenhouses to improve yields and profits. The S Line LED upgrades can be used for all kinds of horticulture lighting and are most ideal for greenhouses growing vegetables and flowers using pink/purple supplemental lighting.

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