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SSL | Cree LED | XLamp | XP-G3 S | Featured | Sep 01, 2021

XLamp® XP-G3 S Line LEDs Shine Brighter

Our name changed, but our commitment to superior LED technology, reliability, innovation, support, and service remains steadfast. The same teams with years of Cree LED experience are newly energized to help our customers improve their LED-based products and develop new applications. Our global distribution channels and sales team remain in force. Operations continue at full speed. Our new name embodies our relentless focus on advancing LED technology.

XLamp® XP-G3 S Line LEDs Shine Brighter

XLamp® XP-G3 LEDs are optimized for directional, high-lumen lighting applications where efficacy and optical control are critical, such as roadway, portable and horticulture. The compact and proven 3.45‐mm XP platform has an excellent ecosystem of optics and system solutions available, enabling lighting manufacturers to simplify their design process and shorten time‐to‐market.

XP‐G3 LEDs are available in Royal Blue and two different White and Photo Red versions: Standard & S Line. The White Standard version delivers best‐in‐class TM‐21 lifetimes and color stability over time. The S Line versions of White and Photo Red deliver improved efficiency, best‐in‐class sulfur resistance and better system‐level reliability through switching and dimming cycles. With these S Line versions, Cree LED delivers high‐power LED technology that is optimized for both general and horticulture lighting applications where sensors and switching are becoming common.

In this document, the terms White and Photo Red denote the white or photo red XP-G3 LED without regard to its Standard or S Line features. The terms Standard and S Line are used when necessary to differentiate the performace of the Standard XP-G3 LED from the XP‐G3 LED with the S Line option.


  • Available in no CRI minimum white, 70-, 80- and 90-CRI white, royal blue & photo red
  • ANSI‐compatible chromaticity bins
  • 3‐step and 5‐step options
  • White binned at 85 °C, royal blue & photo red binned at 25 °C
  • Maximum drive current: white, royal blue: 2000 mA, photo red: 1500 mA
  • Low thermal resistance: white: 3 °C/W, royal blue: 2 °C/W, photo red (Standard): 2.5 °C/W, photo red (S Line): 1 °C/W Wide viewing angle: 125°–130°
  • Unlimited floor life at ≤ 30 oC/85% RH
  • Reflow solderable ‐ JEDEC J‐STD‐020C
  • Electrically neutral thermal path
  • RoHS and REACh compliant
  • UL® recognized component (E349212)


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