Business News | Feb 24, 2011

10 Year Warranty on LED Lighting Fixtures

Amerlux has announced a brand new warranty that applies to all of the company's LED lighting fixtures beginning February 1, 2011. This bold warranty exhibits the company's confidence in its vast selection of breakthrough products, and fully expresses the Amerlux promise that LED products will be free from defects in material and workmanship for 10 years from the manufacture date.

"At Amerlux we have stood behind all of our product lines from the very beginning," noted Frank Diassi, Amerlux chairman and
founder. "Our new 10 year warranty adds exciting new levels of value and assurance for our lighting customers in every category."

Amerlux is capable of extensive warranties due to an ongoing commitment to manufacturing, using only the highest quality, best performing LEDs and drivers. The company is also dedicated to superior thermal design and quality control. This is the level of follow-through expected of the leader in performance, quality and service among architectural specification-grade luminary providers.

"At Amerlux, we have the experience and expertise to stand confidently behind our products," explained Chuck Campagna, President and CEO. "We consistently seek to achieve not only the highest levels of technical achievement, but also the finest in customer service. This new warranty offers a way to help our clients to experience both."

Warranty requests:
For a warranty claim request, please contact our Customer Service Department at 973-882-5010.


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