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5000m2 LED Museum Opens in October 2016

Responding to the call of national policy, Guangzhou Hongli Opto – Electronic Co., Ltd. has been committing to delivering innovation in LED (Light Emitting Diode) research and development in the past years, which has injected new blood and cultural element for the industry.

In order to visually present LED industry’s booming development and publicize the policy of energy saving, Nanchang Hongli Opto – Electronic Co., Ltd., one of the wholly – owned subsidiaries of Guangzhou Honglitronic, is now planning to build Nanchang LED Museum. The museum will present LED industry’s great contribution to the national industry and electronic industry through material objects, pictures, videos, and other forms.

In total, the building area covers about 5,000 ㎡. The construction started in August, 2014. It is estimated that the Museum will be completed in October, 2016. The Museum integrates technology, exhibition and experience function into one, which is beneficial to the business, publicity and education etc.

The Museum will become the show window to present the material civilization and spiritual civilization of LED industry which is also the historical sum and future expectations of it. Now we would like to collect all kinds of exhibits on display. It could be a lamp, a device, a photo, a magazine or a video etc. No matter what kind of the form it is, once accepted, we will make a Donation Roster to list donator’s names or the company’s names on it for displaying, thus we would have the honor to make you and the company to be the witnesses of our company’s history. For all sectors of society, you are welcome to donate or provide related clues for us. The details are as follows:


1.Types of the items

1.1 Lights or light - fixtures

1.1.1. Traditional light – fixtures that have historical value or memorial significance.

1.1.2. Eminent persons in history, important event, historical documents, books, photos, videos etc. related to lights.

1.1.3. Artistic light devices.

1.2 Old equipment/machines/materials

1.2.1. All kinds of equipment, machines, materials, photos, videos, books etc. in the whole LED industry chain, which have historical value or memorial significance.

1.3.Other items

1.3.1 All kinds of books, videos, photos, souvenirs, etc. related to LED.

1.3.2. Various magazines, newspapers, etc. related to LED industry or semiconductor.

1.3.3. Others items that have memorial significance.

2. Ways of donation

2.1. Voluntary donation. It’s our pleasure to receive your voluntary donation.

2.2. Paid donation. These items will be evaluated by experts. The price is made after negotiation.

2.3. Only for displaying or storage. As for those items which are not available for donation, we would like to accept that if they could be on display in the Museum after mutual agreement is reached. We will pay for that according to the exhibition time.

2.4. Other legal ways of donation.

3. Time of collection

All the ways of donation mentioned above are long – term effective. The collection time for the first batch of items will be up to December 31, 2017.

4. Contact us

Please contact us through visit, letter, email, telephone etc.


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