Business News | Jul 29, 2010

AIXTRON Expands to New R&D Facilities

AIXTRON AG today announced an important step in the implementation of its accelerated Research and Development strategy by building a new state of the art R&D campus at its premises in Herzogenrath-Kohlscheid in support of the company’s Research and Development strategy.
The new facility will be able to host up to 350 engineers at the end of phase 1, significantly increasing the laboratory resources and prototype capabilities used to develop next generation complex material deposition manufacturing systems. To fully develop these new modular cutting edge facilities, AIXTRON plans to invest up to €40m over the next 2-3 years. The new facilities will utilize a renewable energy design to minimize its carbon footprint.
AIXTRON will continue to focus the principal manufacturing of standard deposition equipment at its nearby main facilities in Herzogenrath, Kaiserstraße, supported by the engineering and assembly locations in Cambridge, UK, and Sunnyvale, US.
Paul Hyland, Chief Executive Officer of AIXTRON AG, comments: “This is a vitally important next step in the implementation of our product development strategy and the accelerated timing reflects the recent increase in volume and momentum we have seen in the markets we serve. It also underlines our commitment to deliver continuous improvement to the productivity of our products for our customers.
Looking at our near-term objectives; the requirement to meet the improved performance and reduced cost of ownership objectives necessary to support needs of the emerging LED general lighting market will require significant focus and commitment. This new facility will further increase our ability to be able to deliver both of these requirements.
AIXTRON’s acknowledged market leadership is built on our renowned technology leadership. As we go into a very exciting period of innovation and growth, it is our firm intention to step up a gear to maintain our position of being always one step ahead."