News-Spot | Business News | Nov 28, 2014

Albis Plastic and Röber Kunststoffe Collaborate in Lighting Segment

With immediate effect, the polyCarbonate-based Alcom LDM (Light Diffusion Matt) from Albis Plastic will be used in the R. CarbonatE Alcom LED production line at Röber Kunststoffe. This specialist for extruded and transparent Plastics, located in Kroppach in the German Westerwald, is now expanding its product line of glazing materials for the lighting sector.

Michael Sowinski, Sales Manager for Export/Project Development at Röber Kunststoffe describes the cooperation with Albis Plastic as follows: "Albis Plastic is a competent partner for us in development as well as marketing of the product R.Carbonat Alcom LED. Many years of experience as well as optimum product and photometric support from Albis help us to work effectively and efficiently. This cooperation has very positive aspects including the high flexibility in provision of the raw materials. These combined efforts have already received positive resonance in the market.

Extruded, frosted polyCarbonate with a satin finish provides unique light diffusion properties for maximum, uniform, opal translucency while simultaneously avoiding hot spots. R.Carbonat Alcom LED is therefore ideal for designing new LED light fixtures or conversion to LEDs.

These polyCarbonate panels offer higher impact resistance than glass or acrylic materials and are resistant to temperature within a wide range from -40°C to 120°C. Furthermore, the panels can be processed easily and offer good thermoforming properties.

R. Carbonat Alcom LED is suitable for a highly varying range of applications in the lamp and light fixture segment, for example residential, ambient, working and emergency lighting as well as illuminated signs or light boxes. Joachim Bernhard, Director Global Marketing E&E at Albis Plastic, commented as follows: "The cooperation with Röber Kunststoffe will make it possible for us to guarantee the high quality level associated with the name Alcom. Our partner's excellent marketing structure ensures that R. Carbonat Alcom LED will reach all market segments. This will allow us to reach all customers in the lighting segment from B2B right down to final, private consumers.”

About Röber Kunststoffe:

Röber Kunststoffe manufactures acrylic glass, polyCarbonate and PET panels in highly varying formats and colors. The company belongs to the Röber Corporate Group, has five extrusion machines and employs a staff of 40. Röber Kunststoffe supplies in particular, wholesalers, home improvement and furniture stores and display manufacturers throughout Europe. Further information is available on

About Albis Plastic:
Albis Plastic is one of the global operating companies in the distribution and compounding of technical thermoPlastics. In addition to the product portfolio of well-known Plastic manufacturers, Albis offers the Plastic processing industry a diverse product range of high performance Plastics, compound solutions and masterbatches. In the 2013 business year, the Albis Group, which has approximately 1030 employees, achieved sales of 810 million euros. With 17 subsidiaries, the Hamburg-based company is represented in many European countries as well as in North Africa, the Far East and North America. Albis manufactures Plastic compounds and masterbatches at three locations in Europe – Hamburg (Germany), Zülpich (Germany) and Manchester (United Kingdom), as well as in the new production site at Changshu, China.  For more information, please visit


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