Business News | Jul 30, 2010

American Bright Optoelectronics Corporation Expands Engineering Services Group to Include Thermal Management, Optical Integration and Driver Design.

American Bright brings increased value to an expanding customer base by providing a top-to-bottom design and manufacturing solution. By the incorporation of its existing Assembly Services Group into a comprehensive Engineering Services Group (ESG) American Bright will provide a total design solution to the expanding Solid State Lighting (SSL) industry. The new group brings engineering expertise in the fields of thermal management, secondary optics, lensing, driver design and manufacturing integration to an already established global business unit.

The ESG is based out of American Bright’s US corporate headquarters in Chino, CA and incorporates expertise from many key engineering disciplines.  “We understand the necessity of proper thermal management in the design of solid state lighting systems and recognized that this key design element was frequently treated as a secondary matter in the early design stages,” George Lee, President of American Bright, commented.  “By providing an integrated thermal management solution on the front end of the design cycle, we can help assure that our clients have all of their bases covered before moving into the manufacturing phase,” he added.  

“We found that the thermal management component of the design cycle was often being either overlooked altogether, or provided by a third party which, in most cases, lacked practical experience in the solid state lighting industry,” said Lawrence Lee, National Sales and Marketing Manager. “In many cases we had conflicting interests vying for a sale rather than promoting the best total engineered solution for the client. We had to make a strategic decision early on, to, in effect, divorce ourselves from our own IP and our own portfolio of products and take a ‘big picture’ view of the clients’ needs.  The ESG is independent and not limited to American Bright’s existing product offering.,” Lee elaborated.  “We have already completed many projects wherein our ESG determined that a competitor’s LED device was better suited to the client’s needs.  We have no problem with using a competitor’s device in manufacturing when it is considered the best solution,” he asserted.  “After all, providing total solutions to customers should involve making the proper component choices, specific to each application.”  

“Driver integration has also been an area wherein a third party is frequently limited to only providing the solution it personally manufactures,” said Arthur Young, Director of Engineering at American Bright. “It is such a key component of the overall system design, and limiting selection to a single source can hamstring design.  While we have our own driver IP, and it is very comprehensive, there are still many ‘boost and buck’ solutions available that are ideally suited for certain specific applications,” he explained. “Our engineering resources evaluate drivers all the time and, unlike many other companies, we are not limited to off-the-shelf solutions” he said.  

While there are long-range plans to add an optical engineering expert to the staff at American Bright, currently the company offers such solutions to its customers through several third-party partnership agreements. American Bright has global manufacturing facilities that meet all of the stringent requirements of TS16949 and are capable of providing manufacturing service, that range from component level to sub-assemblies to full finished and packaged goods.  American Bright also demonstrates its commitment to good global citizenship as evidenced by its ISO 14000:2004 certifications and its RoHS compliant manufacturing processes.  

When asked if there was anything else that he would like to add, George Lee replied, “We want our customers, our partners, to know that we are committed to providing the best possible solution, the most complete solution, for their manufacturing needs and our new, independent business unit is our most recent demonstration of that commitment”. 

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About American Bright Optoelectronics  
American Bright Optoelectronics is a subsidiary of Taiwan-based Bright LED Electronics Corporation, a recognized leader in the research, engineering, manufacturing and marketing of LED components to major markets worldwide. Formed as the marketing organization for the Americas and Canada in 1995, American Bright has enjoyed sustained growth while introducing several innovations to a wide variety of markets.  Conscious of their global responsibility to the environment, the majority of products are produced with lead-free, RoHS compliant materials and processes. Bright LED Electronics and American Bright Optoelectronics are ISO9001:2000; ISO 14000: 2004 and TS16949 certified.