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News-Spot | Business News | Feb 03, 2012

Anderson & Associates, LLC and BRB, USA Merge

BRB International BV and Anderson & Associates LLC have combined their respective US based silicone and silane businesses and are pleased to announce their new joint venture, AB Specialty Silicones LLC. The company will be headquartered in Waukegan, Illinois and will operate as a stand alone entity focusing on silicon based products for the NAFTA region.

Previously the two companies operated independently in a reciprocal vendor-client relationship where product lines and target markets of each rarely overlapped, AB Specialty Silicones will offer a more diverse and expanded product line suitable for a broader range of industries. This synergy will solidify an opportunity for AB Specialty Silicones to gain a greater market share in North America. AB Specialty Silicones will capitalize on each of the former companies’ strengths to optimally address the needs of the NAFTA silicone market place.

Mac Penman, General Manager of the newly formed AB Specialty Silicones has stated that the new company will continue to custom synthesize products for their customers as well as develop innovative, patented, products like Aero Cure® (Anderson’s aerosol silicone spray for a variety of applications). AB Specialty Silicones will keep the product nomenclature of each of the former companies to retain brand recognition.