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Business News | Jul 24, 2007

ARIMA orders AIXTRON Flagship MOCVD system AIX 2800G4

AIXTRON AG today announced a further order from Arima Optoelectronics Corporation, Taiwan. Arima, a long-standing AIXTRON customer decided for the AIX 2800G4 HT MOCVD system, the latest AIXTRON reactor for gallium nitride (GaN) materials, which provides the highest wafer capacity available on the market.

The new mass production system will be used for the development and manufacture of GaN-based ultra-high brightness (UHB) LEDs. Thanks to the G4’s integral Yield-Plus Package Arima will be able to produce devices of excellent performance characteristics such as world-class homogeneity with the new system.

Dr. P. J. Wang, President of Arima comments: "We have now chosen the new 2800G4 system because of its excellent references and its proven performance. AIXTRON MOCVD systems are always dependable. Every system has performed as announced or better whatever the type of optoelectronic product we are looking to manufacture. For the shorter as well as longer wavelength HB-LEDs, our production capabilities rely strongly on AIXTRON technology and service.
The AIXTRON Planetary Reactor defines the industry standard of performance, dependability, throughput and yield to give excellent operating costs and uptime. Without this level of capability we could not continue to meet the market need for competitively priced high brightness LEDs."