Business News | Sep 12, 2011

Chroma Completes Acquisition of Wise Life Technology - Strengthen Technology Into Thermoelectric

Chroma ATE Inc. today announced the completion of its acquisition of Wise Life Technology through sale of assets, including its technologies, patents and product sales in Thermoelectric. The purpose of this asset acquisition is to strengthen Chroma’s technologies into Thermoelectric-related applications, beyond the current testing applications in optical and electrical and increase the sales contribution from consolidated products.

Wise Life Technology is specialized in design and fabrication of thermoelectric-related products for various applications with numbers of patent. The Company is the only company experienced in thermoelectric power generation (TEG) in Taiwan, with core technologies in Thermoelectric (TEC) module design and fabrication, which can provide temperature control solutions from -40 °C to + 150 °C, high power ventilation from 30 to 600w with stability below 0.01 °C and optimal PID control. Chroma believes this technology can be integrated into the Company’s existed testing solutions in fields of power electronic, LED general lighting, semiconductor, panel display and solar cell and further expand to Bio-chemical and temperature sensitivity control applications in the future.

The consolidated products from Wise Life Technology included thermal data logger, TEC controller and Heat Pipe Test system, which can satisfy customers’ needs in temperature measurement and increase the Company sales. Furthermore, by integrated the thermoelectric technology, Chroma can strengthen the provided test and measurement solutions in level of  precision, reliable and unique to further enhance its competitiveness in the global market.

About Chroma:
Chroma ATE Inc. was founded in November 1984. Chroma is world leading own brand supplier in electronic test and measurement equipment and system. Chroma provides integrated and customized solutions in Test and Measurement Instruments, Automatic Test Systems and Manufacturing Execution Systems. Chroma’s headquarters is located in Taoyuan, Hwa-Ya Technology Park, with engineering service offices worldwide including China, Europe, Taiwan and United States. For more information please visit our company website: