Business | Company News | Event News | Mar 15, 2018

ELT Stands Behind Innovation and the Development of Comprehensive Lighting Solutions at Light+Building

The Spanish multinational showcases its new portfolio of products and solutions in Hall 4.0 at stand B80.

Once again, ELT – Especialidades Luminotécnicas S.A.U. is taking part in Light+Building, the world's most important event for the lighting and technology sector. Under the slogan "When lighting meets technology", ELT presents its latest product innovations, tools and comprehensive lighting and control solutions helping its clients undertake integrated, innovative and efficient lighting projects from any level of the value chain.

At this edition of the trade fair, the market leader par excellence in lighting components focuses on presenting its complete range of products and tools developed for outdoor applications and street lighting, as well as indoor applications and more specialised solutions.


The extensive experience gained by ELT in this field has lead the company to design and manufacture a complete ecosystem of solutions and services for outdoor applications, ranging from drivers and LED modules to lighting management tools.


Those attending the event will be able to see the new additions to the iLC PRO family, 100% programmable drivers that incorporate ELT's proprietary eSMART technology. The -XR and -XT models are available with protection indices IP20 and IP67 respectively. With the launch of these drivers, this growing family becomes the most comprehensive and efficient in its range.

One of its protagonists is the constant current driver for LED modules DLC-TN, with an output of up to 460W, one or two channels and a version with DALI dimming for high performance street lighting applications.

Management tools

During the trade fair, ELT will be showcasing the new management tools developed by its R&D+i team for outdoor applications.

The company has developed the ELT iMonitor®, a mobile wireless solution with proprietary technology, based on Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), designed to programme and monitor professional urban lighting installations for outdoor and industrial applications.

Another of the innovations to be showcased by the Spanish company is ELT OneShot®, a handheld tool enabling automated and instant driver programming, with no need for mains power.


The new drivers and tools for indoor applications from ELT aim to offer the best service, bringing technology even closer to its clients and facilitating the search for optimal lighting solutions.

The company is expanding its range of drivers with the launch of new formats, an extended range of currents and the introduction of new families to complement this extensive portfolio for indoor equipment.


This Spanish leader in the lighting sector is expanding its ranges of constant current devices for indoor applications with the introduction of new formats and features.

Of particular mention is the DLC 2x…E-C2-DALI-BLE driver, one of the most comprehensive on the market. A two-channel module, TW, incorporating Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) in addition to integrated DALI dimming. The driver incorporates the company's proprietary eSMART technology and is going to be launched with capacities of up to 45W in the -E-C2 format. It also integrates thermal protection, a high power factor and low THD.

As regards the increased number of formats available, ELT is presenting its LC... -F driver, an ultra-compact device for linear ‘built-in’ drivers. It is 150 mm long, has an output of up to 30W, a high power factor and low harmonic distortion. Similarly, the company is launching the LCM... -D2 module, a multi-current device, 280 mm long, an output of up to 50W, thermal protection, low THD and a high power factor.

The innovations showcased also include the LCM… -D family, the new constant current devices for indoor applications with outputs that range from 16.8W (depending on the model) up to 90W and with an IP20 protection index. These new drivers are multicurrent and each comes with 3 output currents which are programmable by connecting the LED module to the driver.


Another of the star product launches by the company for this edition of Light+Building is Upulse®, a mobile app with integrated Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology, available for Android, which can quickly and easily adjust the light to the personal and/or professional needs of the client.

By means of an intuitive interface, the user can save and change lighting settings and scenes at any time, via their smartphone or tablet. In a matter of seconds, the application selects the combination of lights, colours and intensities required, storing them for fast access.

In addition to this smart, wireless lighting control, the application, which has been fully developed by ELT's expert software team, includes the ‘Human Centric Lighting’ setting, recommended for optimised lighting levels, with the aim of achieving the maximum level of visual comfort for the user.

The application moreover offers a professional version, Upulse PRO®. This allows the client to manage lighting fixtures individually or by groups, set up and use profiles as well as monitor operational parameters in real time.


STELARIA is the remote wireless street lighting management system from ELT: a powerful, integrated solution for the remote control and operation of outdoor lighting. This is a management system that is always in a process of constant evolution. Today it incorporates new and efficient tools and solutions designed for the professional lighting sector.


This is the new control and monitoring tool for street lighting from STELARIA. With CityScope® and by using a radio frequency network and a PC software interface, the user can manage the street lighting in the local area in real time.


These are two new solutions created from the STELARIA system that are offered when undertaking customised projects for every client and application.

The technology integrated in ALIS® by STELARIA supports the use of Big Data and AI (Artificial Intelligence) tools, among other options. This enables the analysis of useful and relevant data, whether originating or not from the street lighting infrastructure, so that the user can automatically and easily create the appropriate lighting scenarios that adjust to the demands of a specific time and place.

By contrast, the technology of IDUS® by STELARIA allows the interoperation of the street lighting infrastructure with other vital city services, thereby creating an IoT ecosystem. This allows the user to acquire, transfer and process data produced by other urban services, such as water, waste and traffic management, taking advantage of the communications network that already exists in the lighting fixtures, distributed uniformly all over the city and its surrounding area.


About ELT: ELT - Especialidades Luminotécnicas S.A.U., based in the province of Aragón, is Spain's market leader and one of the best-positioned sector companies in Europe, offering the design, manufacturing and marketing of power supply devices and wireless solutions for lighting management. Employing over 180 people, ELT is undergoing a process of digital transformation to become the leading company in the sector in the use of new technologies.