Business News | Sep 17, 2010

Energy Smart Industry Brings Outdoor LED Lighting

ESI or the Energy Smart Industry, which is known to come up with smart and energy efficient lighting solutions now launches special outdoor LED lighting. With the new lightings, people can look forward to get powerful lights for outdoors and can also get to save on their electricity bill. The outdoor lighting retrofitting program offered by the company comes along with a special 5 years all –inclusive protection plan.

At the launch of the outdoor lighting, the CEO of Energy Smart Industry, Mr. David Houri said, “Our building lighting solutions have been well received by our clients. They have been enquiring after similar lighting solution for outdoor lighting also. This is why we came up with the special outdoor led lighting which are powerful and are energy efficient like other LED lightings offered by us. Our LED retrofits use less energy and this allows our clients to cut down on the electricity bills.”

The special outdoor lights introduced by the company are powerful and energy efficient. This means that when people opt for the outdoor LED retrofits then they can look forward to reduced electric bills and can enjoy positive cash inflow. The LEDs are environment friendly also and this is another reason why the company promotes its usage. Using the LEDs allow the customers to reduce their carbon footprint. This is possible because these LED lights do not emit carbon, lead or any other pollutants.

Energy Smart Industry has introduced different kinds of LED retrofits for outdoor LED lighting. Special LED fittings for industrial units, gardens, projector lighting and for landscape lighting have been launched by ESI. Special LEDs for display boards and bollards are also available with them. The lights have a lifespan of 75,000 hours which means they last long and help in reducing maintenance cost.

When one chooses lighting solutions offered by the ESI then he can also benefit from the 5 years all-inclusive protection plan. Under this plan, the company looks after the maintenance and replacements of the LED retrofit at no extra charge. The zero out of pocket expense and customized lighting solutions are some of the other features that are offered by the company.

Highlighting the features, Mr. Houri said, “The zero out of pocket expense feature offered by us allows us to reach out to more clients. With this plan they do not have to worry about advance payments and have the ease to pay back through the savings made on electricity bill. As per our 5 year inclusive protection plan, we offer full maintenance at no extra expense.  Different kinds of LED retrofits and customized lighting solutions are also offered by us and can be used for outdoor lighting.”

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About Energy Smart Industry:
Energy Smart Industry (ESI) focuses on LED energy-saving technology, providing eco-friendly lighting that has helped its clients save energy costs. Headquartered in Hollywood, Florida, ESI sells retrofit lighting service and LED products in the U.S. for applications like offices lighting, industrial lighting, retail lighting, outdoor lighting, residential lighting, architecture lighting, hospitality and healthcare lighting.