Business News | Jul 29, 2010

ERCO Program 2010/11- Innovation Focus on Recessed luminaires and LEDs

As a specialist for discerning architectural lighting, ERCO is pursuing an expressed objective: to offer lighting tools that satisfy the technical and economical demands of practical applications making the fascination of light truly accessible. For this reason, ERCO is continually striving for the optimum solutions the creation, guidance and control of light to provide efficient visual comfort. In the luminaire manufacturer’s 2010/2011 catalogue, the key areas of innovation are the new Quintessence range of recessed luminaires, which focusses on wallwashing and LED technology, and the Logotec range of luminaires. The catalogue will be available in January.
Innovation focus: LED  
LEDs are the economical and low-maintenance light sources of the future, which is why ERCO is further expanding its range of LED luminaires in many product ranges in both indoor and outdoor areas. Taking the latter as an example, the Lightcast IP65 recessed luminaires, the Cylinder IP65 downlights and the Tesis IP68 lens wallwashers are now all available with LED lighting technology. New versions of the previously introduced lighting tools with white LEDs, such as the Powercast outdoor spotlights and the Cantax, Emanon and Optec indoor spotlight series, now use the latest generation of white LEDs which have greatly improved luminous flux and colour rendition.
Quintessence - the result of 40-year’s experience in downlights:
The term Quintessence refers to the summation up of an object’s essential nature – this is true of ERCO’s new Quintessence range of recessed luminaires and recessed spotlights. Quintessence sums up almost 40 years of experience in ceiling-integrated lighting, while simultaneously identifying the direction for future developments. The 1,200 articles of the Program catalogue have been uncompromisingly designed with an eye to efficient visual comfort, especially focusing on reducing energy consumption. One such focus concerns wallwashers for energy-saving vertical lighting; another is on efficient and future-proof lamps. The result is that approximately 350 articles are designed for LEDs. Quintessence can fulfil all the tasks of a particular lighting concept, regardless of whether it’s providing vertical illuminance with washlights or lens wallwashers, ambient lighting with downlights or accent lighting with directional luminaires and recessed spotlights. Numerous intelligent detail solutions in terms of the lighting technology, design and construction of the luminaires expand the potential design applications, while advancing practical installation methods.
About ERCO:
ERCO GmbH, Lüdenscheid, is one of the leading companies in the luminaire industry. The family business founded in 1934 now operates with over 60 subsidiaries, branches and agencies all around the world. Working together with internationally renowned designers, lighting engineers and architects, ERCO develops hard and software for all areas of architectural lighting: luminaires and lighting systems for indoor and outdoor areas, as well as lighting controls and software for scenographic lighting applications. In keeping with the corporate philosophy of "Light not luminaires," lighting equipment is not offered simply as furnishing for rooms, but rather luminaries are offered as instruments of lighting design. Many demanding architectural projects are illuminated using ERCO equipment, including the Berlin Reichstag, the Louvre in Paris and the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao. In 2008, ERCO's worldwide workforce of over 1,080 employees recorded sales of approximately 159 million euros.