Business News | Oct 22, 2007

Exciting times at Advanced LEDs Ltd

Advanced LEDs Ltd UK manufacturer of high performance LED luminaires have taken a big leap forward after signing an exclusive relationship agreement with E.ON Energy Services. This agreement will open up markets in street lighting and enable E.ON to be the first company to offer LED street lighting for major contracts around the world.

This milestone announcement for the company was made at the ILE conference in Dublin (where Advanced LEDs were presenting a paper on LED Street Lighting) and simultaneously at the PPP conference held at the Hilton Hotel in Park Lane, London.  

Carl Clarke, Managing Director says; This will strengthen the technology and management, and give us a stronger market position, with the support of a company the size of E.ON behind us.

In addition to the E.ON announcement Advanced LEDs Ltd have recently signed a technology partnership agreement with the LED light engine manufacturer Enfis, UK, to supply volume light engines for the street lighting and architectural range of fittings.  Advanced LEDs Technical Director, Mark Hopkins says; Their innovative solutions introduced into this rapidly expanding industry are helping us to overcome some the hurdles facing the next generation of luminaire designs.

The rapid rise in efficacy from the white LED has created the need to find real lighting solutions using this new technology, and the Advanced LEDs Ltd philosophy has been to throw away the luminare design manual and start from a first principles, to manufacture a range of luminaires at the forefront of this new technology, and is one reason why E.ON selected them for an exclusive relationship.

The current product range being manufactured by Advanced LEDS is aimed at the high power end of the market with a recent single installation using 1.6kWatts of LED power. The off the shelf range includes floodlights up to 400Watts and road luminaires up to 120Watts.

Some of Advanced LEDs Ltd most recent projects have included lighting the roadway to the Mayors office in Rotterdam with 90 watt Hammerhead fittings on 8m columns.  The design and manufacture of a Victorian LED lantern for an innovative scheme in Hastings Town Centre.

Gail Lyall, Marketing Director, Advanced LEDs Ltd commented; the LED industry is moving forward at a very fast pace, and with our new technology partners we aim to keep pushing the boundaries further.  We are delighted to be working with such prestigious names as E.ON and Enfis.
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