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News-Spot | Business News | Jul 09, 2014

Fraunhofer Pools Forces and Knowledge with Merger of Fraunhofer COMEDD and Fraunhofer FEP

July has been lately bearing a special meaning for the scientists of COMEDD (Center for Organic Materials and Electronic Devices Dresden): Right on that day two years ago the distinct Fraunhofer institution for research in the area of organic processes and electronics, under the name of Fraunhofer COMEDD, had been established. Now, Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft decided to merge Fraunhofer COMEDD and Fraunhofer FEP with an aim to pool knowledge at one location.

Starting with 1st of July 2014 the research in organic electronics will be carried on under the name COMEDD at »Fraunhofer Institute for Electron Beam-, Plasma Technology and COMEDD«, short: »Fraunhofer FEP«.

Prof. Volker Kirchhoff, Director of the institute, is pleased about new opportunities: »Compared to current FEP’s focus on technologies and processes, COMEDD is concentrating on components and applications. I am looking forward for significant advances, especially in the area of barrier films for flexible organic components with COMEDD’s know-how. Also, the OLED-based micro-displays will take advantage of many years of work in the process technology and market relations at Fraunhofer FEP«.
These are only two starting points out of many that have been addressed internally. Fraunhofer FEP is prominent for its expertise in processes and equipment in electron beam and plasma technology, whereas COMEDD will contribute with its unique know-how in organic semiconductors and development of components.
The scientists are confident to be able to offer their customers and partners novel developments in the future as a result of combined competences. It is possible to apply successfully the electron beam sterilization developed at FEP on OLED-on-silicon sensors from COMEDD in biomedical applications.

Dr. Uwe Vogel, Deputy Director of the institute and the Division Head »Micro-displays and sensors« emphasizes: »The merger of COMEDD and FEP is a ground-breaking step for future developments and activities of Fraunhofer in Dresden and at the location for organic electronics - Saxony. Through this merger, new approaches and research focuses e.g. in flexible electronics can be handled more efficiently. Earlier joint long-standing projects of FEP and COMEDD with significant achievements, e.g. in the development of roll-to-roll technology for flexible organic lighting, are already a good basis for future cooperation. The employees know each other and are well connected. We, from COMEDD, particularly appreciate open and professional manner of Fraunhofer FEP’s employees in the course of integration.«
Customers and partners can continue working with existing contact persons in all technical areas. Moreover, they can benefit from supplementing of the portfolio and extension in the range of services. In connection with the new institute, all concluded contracts and secrecy agreements of FEP or COMEDD remain valid.

About Fraunhofer FEP:
»Fraunhofer Institute for Electron Beam-, Plasma Technology and COMEDD (FEP)« is working in the area of innovative vacuum coating, surface treatment and modification with electrons and plasma as well as organic semiconductors. The basis for this work are core competences in electron beam technology, sputtering technology, plasma-activated high-rate deposition, high-rate PECVD as well as technologies for organic electronics and IC system design.
Fraunhofer FEP offers thus a wide range or research, development and pilot production possibilities, in particular for treatment, sterilization, structuring and enhancement of surfaces as well as for OLED micro-displays, organic and inorganic sensors, optical filters and flexible OLED lighting.
The goal is to tap the innovation potential of electron beam, plasma technology and organic electronics for novel production processes and components and to make it useful for our customers.


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