Business News | Feb 18, 2011

Future Lighting Solutions and Oree Sign Worldwide Distribution Agreement

Oree, developer of solid-state lighting planar illumination technology, and Future Lighting Solutions, the leading provider of solid-state lighting solutions, announced a worldwide distribution agreement today. As a result of this agreement, Future Lighting Solutions will market, sell and support Oree’s LightCell™ products to customers around the world.

The Oree LightCell™ is a thin, flat and uniform solid-state light source – with an illuminated surface measuring 50 by 50 mm – ideally suited for decorative and architectural lighting applications.  The LightCell is the world’s first planar lighting solution utilizing proven solid-state lighting technology and optical packaging to eliminate the tradeoff between thickness, uniformity and efficiency.

The first LightCell™ products are being offered in color and tunable white versions.  Samples will be available from Future Lighting Solutions in March.

“The Oree LightCell™ is an innovative light source that enables designers, architects and lighting manufacturers to develop new applications,” said Mr. Jamie Singerman, Corporate Vice President of Future Lighting Solutions. “Oree’s technology is a lighting system that enables customers to create thinner, evenly illuminated surfaces with design flexibility.”

Future Lighting Solutions’ innovative sales approach is built around a team of world class LED lighting experts. With an expertise in solid-state lighting, Future Lighting Solutions is uniquely positioned to market Oree’s LightCell technology to solid-state lighting designers and manufacturers.
"This agreement allows Oree to offer target customers easy access to our products through Future Lighting Solutions’ global network of expert sales and technical representatives,” said Eran Fine, Founder and CEO of Oree. “It also provides Future Lighting Solutions with a different light source that will enable its customers to explore new applications.”

About Planar Lighting:
Lighting experts, designers and architects today are looking for fixtures that are slim, energy efficient and simple to integrate with low construction costs. Planar lighting meets these needs by delivering large, flat, uniform surfaces of light in a highly-efficient way while enabling full control of colors and illumination patterns.
Planar lighting is ideal for applications and projects in environments where there is a lack of physical depth or space for lighting fixtures, and where uniformity and thin form factor are an advantage.  The shape alone opens up endless potential for lighting designers, without compromising on optical efficiency, product form factor or volume capabilities.

About Oree:
Established in 2006, Oree pioneered the LED planar light source and is currently the leading developer of LED planar lighting. Oree’s technology addresses the needs of the lighting market, enabling thin and efficient illumination of large areas. Oree’s patented technology allows general lighting and backlight manufacturers to significantly increase system efficiency and dramatically reduces the cost of LED-based systems. For more information visit:

About Future Lighting Solutions:
Future Lighting Solutions is a leading provider of LED lighting components and support services for solid-state lighting products and installations, including engineering expertise, concept development, full system solutions and online tools that accelerate quality application development. The company is a division of Future Electronics. For more information visit:


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