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Business News | Mar 01, 2011

Global Safety Certification Alignment, ALT Acquired KCMark & C-Tick

Aeon Lighting Technology Inc.(ALT), the leading high power LED lighting company in Taiwan, has recently acquired KCMark from Korea, and C-Tick from Australia, and become the first LED lighting manufacturer to acquire these two certifications in the world. It is also a surely approval from Korean and Australian governments to sell products into these two countries.

First in the world, safety approval from Korean government
Since 2009, Korean government has gradually integrated all 13 safety certifications into one, as KCMark. Certifications cover range from general appliances, hi-tech equipment, cell phone, notebook, and other 3C products. In order to avoid any electronic hazards, KCMark follows not only international safety standards but also Korean first-class safety code. To acquire KCMark, the products have had high stability and zero error from manufacturing to transporting. ALT CEO, James Liang, indicates, through high standard safety certification system, users can easily tell the difference between high and low quality products. It would also help users to choose the product with performance guarantee. Since ALT has established, the company devoted lots resource to develop product quality and safeness to not only set up the market segment but also to fulfill the corporation core value—high quality.

Global safety certification alignment for Australian and New Zealand market
For Australian and New Zealand market, ALT also aggressively applies C-Tick certification. Compared to Asian territory, Australian is more like to European market with higher requirement for product safety. Without certification, the product cannot be recognized by consumers. In addition, C-Tick is the most reliable certification system in Austral, and LED lighting products have been included into one of test item. The main reason is to establish a complete safety certification system before banned incandescent lamp totally.

Passing complete international safety certification is the guarantee for consumer
Compared to European and American market, the importance of safety certification is not being recognized by Taiwanese market. In fact, using products without safety certification is to expose himself and family on potential hazard. Lighting products, for example, unsafe products may cause overheating, sparking, electric shocking, and poison. The danger can be immediate or long-term threat to human healthy. It will also cause permanent damage to environment. For this reason, ALT has been taking society responsibility and applying advance LED lighting technology to reduced carbon foot-print. To offer the most safety products to the world, ALT has acquired most of international certifications, including UL/cUL, FCC, ETL, CNS Mark, KCMark, TUV, CE, LVD, RoHS, Laser Testing, and C-Tick. The ultimate goal for ALT is to offer the best quality products to the world.

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