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Business News | Jun 15, 2012

Historic TELEFUNKEN Brand Points the Way in the Lighting Market

Dreieich / Hamburg, 06 Jun 2012 – The historic company TELEFUNKEN has entered the worldwide market for lighting by founding TELEFUNKEN Licht AG in May 2012. Based in Dreieich near Frankfurt am Main, TELEFUNKEN Licht AG develops, produces and sells eco-friendly lighting solutions worldwide based on leading-edge sustainable LED technology, with the aim of positioning itself as a fixture in the lighting segment and advancing the spread of the emerging technology LED.

“Light has always played an important role in TELEFUNKEN’s history,” says Sergio Klaus-Peter Voigt, CEO of TELEFUNKEN SE and a member of the TELEFUNKEN Licht AG executive board. “Given the ongoing switch to alternative energies and quest for ways to cut CO2 emissions, the time has come to refocus on this area of the business.”


Leading-edge LED technology for a sustainable lighting market

TELEFUNKEN Licht AG will focus on four product lines – Illumination, Modules, Objects and Media / Entertainment (LED screens) – covering a broad spectrum of products for private, industrial, commercial and municipal users as well as the entertainment, infotainment and architecture segments. “In an increasingly complex lighting market, our international group of companies seeks to send a signal and give users orientation. TELEFUNKEN Licht AG is fully committed to the TELEFUNKEN brand values of quality, innovation and reliability,” says Hemjö Klein, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of TELEFUNKEN Licht AG and CEO of Live Holding AG.


Strategic decision for the fast-growing lighting market

The lighting sector is a very dynamic market that is undergoing a fundamental transformation due to the rapid development of LED technology. While LED accounted for around 10 percent of the total lighting market in 2011, industry experts expect this share to rise to around 60 percent by 2020. “By founding TELEFUNKEN Licht AG, we have carved out an excellent strategic position for ourselves and see a good opportunity for doing business successfully in the global lighting market with an established and authentic brand,” says Martin Hockemeyer, Deputy Chair of the Supervisory Board, TELEFUNKEN Licht AG and Managing Partner of the Gebrüder Thiele group. He says the company will systematically expand its four product lines with a worldwide sales presence and will unveil more than 200 new illuminants and special applications before the end of the year.


TELEFUNKEN Licht AG is owned by Live Holding AG, the sole shareholder of TELEFUNKEN SE, and the Gebrüder Thiele group , which has established itself as an innovation leader in LED technology by developing driverless LED technology and high-performance solutions in the entertainment market.


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