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News-Spot | Business News | Jan 29, 2013

Instrument Systems Acquires the Complete Product Line of Autronic-Melchers

In 2012, Instrument Systems GmbH from Munich, Germany, purchased all the development and production rights of Autronic-Melchers GmbH based in Karlsruhe. This move enables the manufacturer of solutions for light measurement to strengthen and expand the high-growth area of display metrology.

The main products of Autronic-Melchers GmbH, which has closed its operations in Karlsruhe, comprise the DMS Series of display measurement systems. These instruments are based on goniometric setups for analyzing the angle-dependent electro-optical properties of LCDs and OLED displays in emission, reflection and transmission. Displays can be characterized excluding or including the influence of ambient light. ConoScopes provide another product series to facilitate very fast measurements at displays. The product range is complemented by control electronics and signal generators for displays, temperature chambers, light sources and extensive software for automating measurements and data evaluation.

The new products are available immediately from Instrument Systems and will be continuously upgraded in the future.