Business News | Jul 29, 2010

Instrument Systems Acquires X-Rite's Light Measurement Division and Integrates it in their Subsidiary Optronik Berlin GmbH

Munich-based Instrument Systems GmbH has taken over the light measurement division of X-Rite Inc., effective January 1, 2010. With this move, the world leader in LED measurement technology has extended the company portfolio with products and technologies for automotive and general lighting applications.

Instrument Systems integrated this division into its newly founded subsidiary Optronik Berlin GmbH. X-Rite had already marketed these product lines under the brand name Optronik.

Optronik plays a leading role in the industry, furnishing entire light labs to the automotive and transportation engineering sector. Its main products are large goniophotometer systems, retroreflectometers, and photometers. Optronik's clientele includes prestigious testing and certification institutes as well as nearly all major suppliers of automotive lighting and many automobile manufacturers.

"This acquisition enables Instrument Systems to better satisfy future market demands for LEDs in general lighting applications and extend its lead in light measurement technology," notes company president Richard Distl. "What's more, all legacy customers of Optronik are sure to benefit from our expertise in spectroradiometry."