Business News | May 13, 2008

Intematix Adds Integration Capabilities with Solid State Lighting Technology Development Center

Intematix Corp. a leading innovator of advanced materials and merchant provider of patent-backed phosphor solutions for solid state lighting applications, today announced the launch of the Intematix Technology Center (ITC) in Yang Mei, Taiwan. With direct access to critical components, the center will provide LED packagers with the full compliment of materials necessary for rapid prototyping and deployment of any phosphor-based solid state lighting solution. In addition, ITC adds a full service integration and pilot production capability for a range of chip-on-board and integrated light engines/modules to support the needs of solid state lighting system providers.

LED-based solid state lighting (SSL) is garnering increasing attention as  progressively more nations make energy efficiency a key priority. SSL offers the promise of a high-quality light source combined with efficiency levels that will soon surpass fluorescent sources in terms of overall cost of ownership.

While fluorescent and incandescent technologies are operating on a relatively flat innovation curve, SSL is continuing to enjoy a doubling of overall output and efficiencies on an 18-month cycle. This rapid pace of innovation demands more effective time-to-market results at all levels of the LED and SSL supply chain.  By offering a total solution including the combination of phosphors with LED chips and silicone, ITC will provide enhanced levels of performance optimization enabling solutions providers to better address new applications of LED lighting ranging from display backlighting and signage to traffic lights and automotive applications.

"With the recent acquisition of several key technology capabilities, including the chip-on-board and ceramic-substrate LED array packaging, we were able to finally address key needs that the growing solid state lighting industry has been requesting." says Intematix' Phosphor and Solid State Lighting Business Unit General Manager, Yi-Qun Li. "Intematix Technology Center does not supercede our merchant phosphor solutions approach, but instead enhances it as well as shortening the time to market of new phosphors for specific LED applications." By bringing the complete mix of design components and materials under one roof, ITC customers will have the opportunity for extremely rapid prototyping and design optimization that is the lynchpin to capturing a larger market share than they could if they were relying on in-house expertise alone.

The module integration capabilities of ITC expands Intematix' expertise into one of the most demanding technology areas of the LED-based and solid state lighting arenas. By leveraging its broad-based understanding of materials properties and applications with the new ITC offerings, Intematix will now directly support the integration of light engine and module solutions that are increasingly in demand by lighting companies and integrated SSL solutions providers. "The key to that is our understanding of thermal management and multi-chip integration that ITC provides to its SSL integration customers," added Dr. Li..

Intematix CEO, Peter Larsson, further pointed out that, "One thing we learned from our success as an LED phosphor solutions provider is that there is a large knowledge gap when it comes to creating an integrated solution optimized for a specific lighting design. By offering all the components through this subsidiary operation, ITC serves existing packaged LED customers as well as new customers positioned several steps higher in the SSL supply chain."

In addition to the light-engine and array integration, Intematix Technology Center is also capable of supporting rapid design and prototyping of complete LED-based lighting systems for use in general illumination applications. Larsson concluded, "We've truly figured out how to fill a substantial market need while specifically avoiding competing directly with our existing and future customers."

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About Intematix Corporation:
Intematix Corporation provides advanced materials solutions and services for worldwide manufacturers of high-performing electronic systems and products. The company blends its proprietary combinatorial discovery techniques with unmatched scientific expertise to rapidly discover, develop and deliver an unprecedented selection of new enabling materials for myriad applications. Intematix' first product—a suite of market-leading patented phosphors—was developed and commercialized in record time. The phosphor products are being used to boost the illumination quality and efficiency of high-brightness LEDs, along with other advanced applications. Headquartered in Fremont, California, Intematix maintains R&D, manufacturing, business and support operations in the U.S. and Asia. To learn more about Intematix, please visit the company on the Internet at

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