Business News | Jul 30, 2010

Lamina Announces CO2 Offset Certification for LED Products

Lamina Lighting Incorporated (Lamina), an innovator of LED lighting systems and technologies, has announced that the use of their new TitanTurbo TruColor LED product has been certified to avoid more than 3 tons of C02 emissions into the earth’s atmosphere as compared to its incandescent equivalent.

This certification was awarded to the product by First Climate (formerly called the 3C Group). Lamina is also engaging this Frankfurt-based company to help them achieve total “climate neutrality” throughout all company operations.

“Our TitanTurbo TruColor is the only LED product known that can boast this kind of solid emission offset,” said Frank Shinneman, President and CEO of Lamina Lighting. “We are proud to be the first to provide solid state lighting products that not only offers exceptional performance as compared to incandescent light sources, but also gives buyers solid metrics relating to carbon avoidance and environmental stewardship.”

In certifying the Lamina TitanTurbo TruColor LED, First Climate utilized the services and standards of Munich-based TÜV SÜD Group, a leading technical service organization active in the inspection, testing and certification of products for the protection of the environment.

“Our LED products are the first that we know of to be certified by this method,” said Dan Polito, Vice President of Marketing for Lamina. “With the lighting industry, and the world, focusing more and more on carbon avoidance and CO2 emissions, providing actual CO2 avoidance metrics on our products in a way that is easy to understand, our customers will have another purchase decision component that figures into their – and their customers’ – choices relating to the environment.”

Other Lamina products that have also achieved certification through the company’s engagement with First Climate are the SōL MR16 LED product, whose use in comparison to an incandescent equivalent prevents the emission of approximately ½ ton of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. The Lamina Titan and Atlas Series of products have also been certified for even greater carbon emission offsets.

Lamina labels its certified products with a “green tag” which highlights the bulb’s energy consumption as compared to its equivalent in the form of carbon dioxide avoided.

About First Climate (formerly 3C Group):
First Climate is a fully integrated Carbon Asset Management company covering the entire carbon credit value chain. As a buyer, intermediary and investment advisor, First Climate identifies emission reduction opportunities worldwide and facilitates the development, financing and implementation of CDM, JI and VER projects. First Climate offers custom trading and risk management solutions for companies regulated under the EU ETS and other emission trading compliance schemes. The Carbon Investment Advisory Team supports fund managers in the structuring and development of carbon funds, and with related investment decisions. Furthermore, First Climate is a first-class provider of climate neutral services, such as corporate climate neutral strategy development, corporate carbon footprint assessment, climate neutral marketing and ITcommunications solutions, and the purchase and retirement of high quality emission reduction credits from a global VER project portfolio.

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About Lamina:
Founded in 2001 as a spin-off from the Sarnoff Corporation, Lamina Lighting is at the forefront of global LED research and product development. With its Atlas™, Titan™ and SoL™ Series LED product lines, Lamina provides ultra-high brightness white LED lighting products that satisfy the growing global need to replace conventional lighting with LED technology for general illumination. Among its other benefits, Lamina's environmentally responsive LED technology and programs aid in lowering CO2 emissions-the dominant GHG contributor to global warming. Headquartered in Westampton, New Jersey, Lamina Lighting is funded by five premier technology venture funds.
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