News-Spot | Business News | Jun 15, 2012

Lattice Power - First Company to Offer Volume Production of High-Powered Silicon Substrate-Based LEDs

Guangzhou, China --- Lattice Power Corporation, the world premier company offering GaN-on-Silicon LED chips, today announced the start of volume production of its new generation GaN-based high powered LEDs on silicon substrate. This development sets the backdrop for a sharp reduction in the prices of energy-efficient LED light bulbs worldwide.

Lattice Power is the first and only company in volume production of GaN-on-Silicon LED chip, with products that are comparable to high-end chips that rely on conventional sapphire substrates. At operation current of 350mA, the 45-mil product is capable of producing 130 lumen cool white with an efficiency of 120 lumens for each watt consumed. Moreover, silicon substrates are readily available in larger diameters and at a fraction of the cost of sapphire substrates resulting in substantial cost reductions for downstream manufacturers.

Twenty strategic customers have received the LEDs and will incorporate them into indoor and outdoor lighting applications. Lattice Power silicon substrate-based LED series encompasses four different chip sizes: 28mil x 28mil, 35mil x 35mil, 45mil x 45mil, and 55mil x 55mil. Chip power ranges from 0.5 watts to 2 watts.
Lattice Power has always invested heavily in research and development in silicon substrate-based LED technology. The commercialization of its silicon substrate-based-power chip series represents a second milestone for Lattice Power after the launch and volume production of its smaller size silicon substrate-based LED chips used in display and signage recently.
Using GaN-on-Silicon technology to make commercial grade LEDs in the United States and Europe has shown promising laboratory resultsut not at volume production levels like Lattice Power has in the past year. Lattice Power, realizing its potential early on, started to work on this technology before it became part of the mainstream industry perspective. Lattice Power has filed more than 200 innovative international and domestic patents in this field.
Lattice Power not only has the state-of-the-art silicon substrate-based LED technology, but also a world class technical and management team,said Sonny Wu, the managing director of GSR Ventures and chairman of Lattice Power. wth the big growth of solid state lighting and Lattice Power抯 introduction of high power LED product family into the lighting market, the company has once again proven its cutting-edge development and manufacturing capabilities. I highly confident that Lattice Power will grow into a world class solid state lighting company.
snce its birth, Lattice Power has focused on high efficiency, low cost and high reliability LEDs on silicon. To get to where it is now, Lattice Power has faced lots of hurdles and challenges and overcome many obstacles and heart-breaks,said Dr. Wang Min, the co-founder and CEO of Lattice Power. ut we have persevered and gained enormous traction with customers. Our silicon-based LED technology will finally open the door for LED bulbs to be used in millions of households.?br> FUTURE OF LED CHIPS AND COST SAVINGS
Leading industry experts now predict that future LED chip cost savings could be as much as 70% greater than with the current mainstream products when manufactured on larger diameter silicon substrates. Lattice Power is actively working on 150-mm GaN-on-silicon technology and is expecting to transfer its production to the larger diameter silicon substrates in 2013.


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