Business News | Jul 29, 2010

Ledon and SchahlLED Lighting Announce Distribution Agreement for LED Modules

Ledon Lighting Jennersdorf GmbH, a company of the Zumtobel Group, and SchahlLED Lighting, a member of the L&O Group, have signed an agreement whereby SchahlLED is an official distributor of LED modules from Ledon. The LED modules, from the “ XED” product range by Ledon, are specifically designed for application as the LED lightsource for LED retrofit bulbs.
SchahlLED Lighting will distribute the XED module portfolio via its sister companies in Europe, as well as Professional Lamps & Optics Hong Kong/Shenzhen in Asia and Professional Lamps Inc. in the Americas. In this way the L&O Group can secure local supply and support. SchahlLED and the whole L&O Group are confident in becoming successful with the XED modules, which demonstrate highest lumen efficacy (up to 90 lm/W at 2900K), best color rendering ( CRI up to 90), extremely low thermal resistance and long lifetime – and can be rated as the best performance modules for LED retrofit bulb on the market today.
“Our superior LED modules provide an excellent opportunity for everybody to actively contribute to energy saving” says Dr Stefan Tasch, CEO Ledon Lighting Jennersdorf. “We are very happy to cooperate with SchahlLED Lighting, a member of the L&O Group. We are in a position to offer our market leading XED modules to support bulb manufacturers, increasing access to key markets and, with local support, realising highest customer satisfaction.”
According to Erich Obermeier, Managing Director of SchahlLED Lighting, “This cooperation is a real win-win solution for both companies. The LED and Lighting competence of SchahlLED plus it’s worldwide operating sister companies of the L&O group, combined with the market leading XED modules of Ledon allows the necessary acceleration in the adoption of superior LED retrofit bulbs.”
About Ledon Lighting Jennersdorf GmbH:
Ledon Lighting Jennersdorf GmbH is a company of the Zumtobel Group, one of the few global players in the lighting industry and a European market leader in professional lighting. Founded in 2001 Ledon is an established technology leader in the research, development and manufacturing of energy efficient LED light sources. Ledon supplies all brands of the Zumtobel group with its innovative, high quality and durable LED components, LED modules and LED Light Engines. Ledon’s XED range of LED modules for LED retrofit bulbs are sold worldwide via its sales network.
Based in Jennersdorf, Austria, the company fosters strong international strategic partnerships and owns an impressive intellectual property portfolio. For further information on Ledon, please visit

About Schahl LED Lighting:
SchahlLED Lighting GmbH & Co. KG is the LED Competence Center of the Licht & Optik Group (L&O) and was founded as a sister company of Richard Schahl GmbH in 2006 after being active in LED Lighting as a department of Richard Schahl since the year 2000. Richard Schahl GmbH & Co.KG, the core company was founded in 1964 and is based in Munich/Pullach, Germany. L&O is a well established speciality lamp distributor with 45 years of experience. The 11 companies companies of L&O currently operate worldwide including UK, France, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, Italy, USA, China and Hong Kong. For further information, please visit