Business News | Dec 15, 2010

LG Innotek and Zumtobel Group Conclude LED Cooperation Agreement

LG Innotek, a subsidiary of the Korean LG Group, and the Austrian lighting company Zumtobel Group have concluded a cooperation agreement in the field of LEDs. The aim of cooperation is to transfer the successful high volume business in LED backlights for LCD screens to the field of professional lighting.

The two parties will each be contributing their respective expertise in terms of technology, applications and production. One aspect of particular importance here is the use of LEDs as point light sources to produce flat-area lighting. Both companies also plan to use their strengths to market innovative LED products: In addition to its existing LED portfolio, Tridonic, the lighting components brand within the Zumtobel Group, will also be offering LED products from LG – above all LED modules and converters for professional lighting – via its own sales channels.

About Zumtobel Group:
Within the international lighting industry the Zumtobel Group is one of the few global players. We are the European market leader for professional lighting and a global leader in control gear & lighting control systems.
Our business:
■ professional lighting solutions for indoor and outdoor applications (Thorn and Zumtobel)
■ lighting components, modules and systems (Tridonic)
■ innovative LED technology through all brands
Our key success factors:
■ a rigourous focus on technical innovation
■ established market access channels in the professional project business sector
■ close collaboration with leading international architects and designers
■ a special focus on the topic of energy efficiency, where we hold a leading position
■ the expertise of our employees
■ our global presence: 23 production plants on 4 continents / Sales companies and representatives in over 70 countries

About LG Innotek:
LG Innotek's electronic components can be found in almost all areas of the digital world, for instance in mobile phones or in digital photo- and video cameras. LG Innotek's circuit boards are one of the most powerful in the world, especially regarding miniaturisation. Frequently, you find on these boards LG Innotek's ultrafine lead frames which guarantee a high-performant connection between the circuit board and the semiconductor-chip. This capability, the production of ultra-fine structures, can also be found in LG Innotek's shadow-masks which are used for the production of display- and semiconductor components.