Business News | Aug 06, 2007


Hong Kong-Based EPILIGHT HOLDINGS Co. LIMITED has Agreed to a Multi-Year, Multi-Million Dollar Program for Developing LED Lighting Products for Asian and European Markets in Cooperation with Lighting Science Group.

Lighting Science Group Corporation, (OTCBB: LSGP) (LSG), a leading provider of energy efficient and environmentally responsible solid state lighting solutions (also referred to as LEDs), announced a multi-year, multi-million dollar product development and marketing arrangement with EPILIGHT HOLDINGS Co. LIMITED.

Under the terms of the arrangement, EPILIGHT HOLDINGS Co. LIMITED will purchase a minimum of US$2 million worth of LSG’s LED lighting products and technical supporting services. The companies will jointly develop products that will be marketed by EPILIGHT HOLDINGS Co. LIMITED’s sales force in Asia and Europe.

In addition, EPILIGHT HOLDINGS Co. LIMITED and associates operate manufacturing facilities in mainland China that will be used for the production of certain products that are a part of the arrangement. LSG will work cooperatively with EPILIGHT HOLDINGS Co. LIMITED to produce some of its products for worldwide distribution.

“This multi-year arrangement with EPILIGHT HOLDINGS Co. LIMITED is a demonstration of the growing global potential for our leading-edge, LED-based intellectual property. Additionally, this arrangement with EPILIGHT HOLDINGS Co. LIMITED will help secure LSG’s market leader position, and give our products a global footprint that encompasses key markets in Europe and Asia,” said Ron Lusk, chairman and chief executive officer of Lighting Science Group.

“We are confident that Lighting Science Group’s solid state lighting solutions will provide our customer base with products that are easy to install, significantly reduce electricity consumption and have a long lifespan that results in significant costs savings. We are very pleased to have an opportunity to open this exciting new market in collaboration with a leader in the solid state lighting field,” said Gary Chan, General Manager, EPILIGHT HOLDINGS Co. LIMITED.

About Lighting Science Group Corporation
Lighting Science Group Corporation ( ) designs and sells highly energy efficient and environmentally friendly lighting solutions based on its proprietary Optimized Digital Lighting® (ODL®) technology. The Company's patented and patent-pending designs and manufacturing processes enable affordable, efficient and long lasting LED lighting systems to be quickly deployed in existing lighting applications and produce immediate cost savings and environmental benefits. Products include lowbay fixtures for parking garages and industrial facilities, MR-16, R30, R25, R20, R16 (elevator light), G11, G25, S6, candelabra and flame tip bulbs which can be purchased at .

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