Business News | Jul 30, 2010

Lighting Science Group commences shipment of LED lowbay fixtures to OptiLED holdings

Lighting Science Group Corporation, a leading provider of energy efficient and environmentally responsible lighting solutions, has commenced shipping its Optimized Digital Lighting(TM) (ODL) Lowbay LED fixtures to OptiLED Holdings Co. Ltd. (OptiLED(TM)), a leading marketer and distributor of LED products in the Asia Pacific Region.

LSG previously announced it had reached an agreement to provide OptiLED with Lowbay fixtures to be sold in the People`s Republic of China (including Hong Kong and Macau special administrative regions), Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Australia, and New Zealand, marking the Dallas-based Company`s entrance into the international market.

Chairman and CEO of Lighting Science, Ron Lusk, stated, "The world is experiencing a tremendous energy crunch, and nowhere is this being felt more than Asia. Since lighting consumes up to 40 percent of commercial energy usage, efficient and responsible lighting solutions are key to meeting the growing energy needs of the Asian pacific region. LSG`s LED lighting is the most efficient and environmentally responsible solution on the market."

Lusk added, "As our partner in the Asia Pacific Region, OptiLED provides us with a tremendous opportunity to work with a world-class organization to distribute our patented LED products in markets that show great promise. This agreement is a significant milestone for LSG and represents our initial entree into the international marketplace and further validates the economic and environmental value of our Lowbay LED fixtures."

LSG Lowbay LED fixtures have numerous uses, including commercial, industrial, education, retail and municipal applications. These highly efficient, durable and attractive fixtures are being used to replace inefficient, incumbent lighting technologies. Over the long term, LSG Lowbay LED fixtures last approximately 300-500 percent longer than traditional lighting technologies, offer substantial energy savings and reduce maintenance costs.

Patrick Ma Wai Biu, Managing Director of OptiLED, said, "We are excited about the opportunity to introduce this large-scale LED product to our marketplace. With the increasing use of energy resources in China, we anticipate a high level of interest in the power-saving aspect of this new lighting product. We see the ODL Lowbay fixture as a meaningful addition to our product line."

About Lighting Science Group Corporation

Lighting Science Group Corporation designs and sells highly energy efficient and environmentally friendly lighting solutions based on its proprietary Optimized Digital Lighting(TM) (ODL?) technology. The Company`s patented and patent-pending designs and manufacturing processes enable affordable, efficient and long lasting LED based lighting systems to be quickly deployed in existing lighting applications and produce immediate cost savings and environmental benefits. Products include lowbay fixtures for parking garages and industrial facilities, MR-16, R30, R25, R20, R16 (elevator light), G11, G25, S6, candelabra and flame tip bulbs which can be purchased at

About OptiLED

OptiLED Holdings Co. Ltd. ( is a leading LED product distributor and manufacturer in the Asia Pacific Region, based in Hong Kong. OptiLED also manufactures a wide range of LED-based lighting products and LED light tube products to fulfill the emerging LED lighting market in the region. OptiLED owns intellectual property in various LED product designs and in certain special non-imaging optics in LED applications.