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Lumitech Takes Over CoB Division for Special Applications from Tridonic Jennersdorf

Lumitech will acquire the COB (chip-on-board) divison except for general lighting applications from Tridonic Jennersdorf. The purchase enables the continuation of this business unit including development and production in the Technology Center Jennersdorf.

Technology Center Jennersdorf: Many years of know-how for COB modules

In LED production, Chip-on-board technology, COB for short, enables optimal thermal management, high packing densities and high quality of long-lasting and high-performance COB-LED semiconductors by direct contacting of the semiconductors on high-quality printed circuit boards. The COB modules manufactured at Jennersdorf are used in special applications, for example in the industrial and medical sectors.

The settlement of Tridonic and Lumitech has made the Jennersdorf Technology Center an internationally recognized pioneer in COB technology since its opening in 2001. Both companies have many years of know-how in development and manufacturing and both hold patents for the technology. In the future, Lumitech will not only develop specific and high-quality COB solutions, but will also continue to produce COB modules at its production site in Jennersdorf.

"We will provide professional support to customers from the industrial and medical sectors with our local development and manufacturing expertise and additionaly strategically expand this segment," assures Dr. Stefan Tasch, CEO of Lumitech. "In addition, it is very important to us that we can continue to build regional jobs at the Jennersdorf Technology Center," adds Tasch.

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About Lumitech:

In order to be able to support customers as a complete LED-Solution provider, Lumitech began researching and producing state-of-the-art LED lighting solutions 20 years ago and was able to establish itself as a specialist for companies in the food industry with high-quality, linear luminaires for refrigerated cabinets and shop fitting. Years of efforts to always offer the best technological innovations in the field of LEDs, resulted back in 2007 in the awarding of the prestigious Austrian State Prize for Innovation for the development of the now worldwide and patented PI-LED technology. With this milestone in the history of the company, which has also made Lumitech the best technology provider for Human Centric Lighting applications, it was possible to set completely new standards in the lighting industry that are still unparalleled.