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News-Spot | Business News | Mar 26, 2013

Merger of Optronik Berlin with Its Parent Company Instrument Systems

Effective 27 February 2013, Optronik Berlin GmbH was merged with the parent company Instrument Systems GmbH. Since 2010, Optronik and Instrument Systems have been working closely together on joint product developments and production operations. This cooperation is now going to continue under one roof following the merger of the two companies.

The Optronik location in Berlin will be retained with all the employees working as a team of experts specializing in goniophotometry and for equipping turnkey photometric laboratories. All the existing product lines will be marketed under the Optronik Line label. Instrument Systems GmbH based in Munich has been the legal successor to Optronik Berlin since the merger and in this role takes responsibility for all assets and liabilities, as well as all rights and obligations arising from existing contracts.

“Instrument Systems and Optronik Berlin have been working successfully together for the past 3 years. Meanwhile, close integration has developed in various areas of the company. The step towards merging the two companies and simplifying many processes was therefore logical,” according to President and CEO Richard Distl. “Our customers will be able to continue relying on the high standards of quality from our products, while at the same time having access to an expanded range of measurement solutions.”