Business News | Jul 04, 2011

New Production Method, Lowers Costs - ALT Is Lowering Prices

The leading LED manufacturer in Taiwan, Aeon Lighting Technology, announces today that due to tremendous sales increasing and adapting new product method, ALT will dramatically drop all products price, up to 40%, to rebate to all customers and prepare for new LED lighting generation.

ALT CEO, James Liang, says that, last year-end the company and all employees have set up a goal to grow up 10 times bigger than before. Since then, the whole company has been working hard ever and receives large numbers of order every month. Till this June, the original manufacture capacity has been fully fulfilled. To satisfy next coming half year order requirement, ALT has already expanded its production line and adapted new production method. The result is to boost up production efficiency and reduce costs.

Mr. Liang points out that the export and import market has strong grows since this year. The orders from top five customers in Japan and Europe have positive feedback. To reflect the drop of production costs due to the improvement of production method, ALT decides to drop the price for all products. The range of price dropping is up to 40%. Mr. Liang says: “In order to appreciate the long-term support and recognition from our customers, ALT decides to rebate the saving of cost to our customers. The price after discount will be more approachable to consumers. It will also lower the constraint of using LED lighting. Hope this movement will increase sales and ready for new lighting generation soon.”

The promotion products range from indoor to outdoor lighting series, including Red-Dot award MR16 series, A19/G19 Grow Light, and first mass-production CREE MTG LED bulb. The numbers of total promotion item are more than 3000 pieces. The promotion range and items are the greatest among the entire industry. It also shows the appreciation to customers and confident to the whole LED lighting market from ALT.

To understand more promotion information, please log on ALT official website: or inquire with ALT professional sales person through

About Aeon Lighting Technology Inc.:
Aeon Lighting Technology Inc. produces a wide range of high-performance LED lighting products. With cutting-edge electronic manufacturing, industry-leading thermal management technology and high-performance optics, ALT holds more than 100 patents and safety certifications worldwide. ALT shares its core technology and engineering with their partner, a world leading industrial server manufacturer located in San Jose, USA. Founded in 2007, ALT is headquartered in Taiwan and is proud to be the first ever LED lighting company to receive international recognition by winning the prestigious IF Product Design Award in 2009 and Red Dot Product Design Award in 2011 for its Asteria-series LED MR16.


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