Business News | Jun 14, 2013

New Service Launch - Keeping Up-to-Date with LED Standards and Regulations

Product Approvals announces the launch of its free-of-charge new LED standards and regulations update service that covers EU country regulations. Published monthly, and split into sections covering typically used EU CE marking directives, non CE marking directives (such as the Artificial Optical Radiation Directive 2006/25/EC), the publication is available as an email subscription and complements our other LED lighting compliance services. It also lists current versions of key EU harmonised standards covering LED product safety (electrical and photobiological), electro-magnetic and environmental standards.

Services provided:
Knowledge is key in today’s product development process and those companies and individuals that are able to keep themselves at the forefront of their field by constantly developing skills and expertise will reap the rewards and opportunities in the exciting and fast growing LED lighting industry.

However it is difficult even for a very large company to employ experts in all the technical sectors and many specialist niches of solid state lighting technology – and even if there are many technical employees in the organisation, it does not always mean there are sufficient resources available concurrently to the competing project teams in the company. Perhaps the problem is even more apparent in small and medium sized enterprises where there is a comparatively smaller pool of knowledge to draw upon particularly in specialised areas such as compliance engineering.

Product Approvals can step in and assist project teams with the demanding and time consuming product compliance and certification processes, for example undertaking demanding compliance tasks such as that of obtaining third-party certifications like UL (Underwriters Laboratories) approvals. Product Approvals Ltd’s consultants have many years of experience in obtaining UL and other third-party approvals marks and are highly knowledgeable in testing and certification processes.

Product Approvals services include:
•    Design safety reviews to IEC, EN and other standards such as UL, NFPA and CSA
•    CE marking assistance and project management for EU markets, including Technical File compilation
•    UL, CSA, or equivalent third-party certification process management for US and Canadian market entry
•    Assistance with other third-party approvals processes such as the ‘CB scheme’ for global product launch where suitable IEC standards exist
•    Training of product safety engineers
•    Assessment and benchmarking of company product compliance and design verification processes
•    Setting up manufacturer’s testing laboratories to gain compliance with the ISO 17025 laboratory quality standard and enabling test data to be submitted to certification bodies without the certifier’s staff needing to witness testing at the manufacturer’s laboratory. Such an arrangement allows the manufacturer to control test schedules related to third-party certification processes. Product Approvals holds UL client reviewer status for an existing corporate client
•    LED standards and regulations update services including the free-of-charge EU country regulations (please see the website link below) and tailored ‘look ahead’ research and notification of forthcoming standards and regulations changes for specific countries (or globally). This enables product development teams and commercial staff to ensure new products are fully standards-compliant at launch

Product Approvals' new LED Standards and regulations service can be accessed at:
Further information is available on the website at, and by emailing or telephoning on +44 (0)1588 620192.

About Product Approvals Ltd:
Product Approvals Ltd was formed in 2006 by Chartered electrical engineer John Showell to provide a fully independent product approvals consultancy and project management service. Starting in the  area of power electronics equipment approvals, the consultancy has now assisted customers across many industry sectors but has a special interest in LED lighting technology and has several lighting industry customers.
The company vision: To be recognised as the No 1 independent product compliance consultancy service
The company mission: To work with product designers and manufacturers who have a certification-related challenge.  The essence of what we do is obtain certifications for products to required national and international standards, so that our customers can focus on product design and manufacture, which means that they can get to market faster.