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Business News | Apr 14, 2011

Opsira Presents New Distributor for Korean Market

opsira GmbH has been represented by a competent distributor in the Korean Market since March 15, 2011. For the territory of Korea the company Modern HighTech Co., Ltd. in Seoul/Korea is the official and authorized distributor for the delivery and maintenance of opsira GmbH optical engineering services OES, optical metrology services OMS and optical test systems OTS.

opsira GmbH provides high-quality photometric and radiometric measurement solutions to determine a wide variety of relevant optical parameters by luminance and spectral measurement systems, photogoniometers as well as complete systems for photometric inline-control.

About opsira GmbH:
opsira GmbH has been working on projects in optics for companies all over the world. With their years of experience in the Korean market, Modern HighTech Co., Ltd. enables opsira to support their customers in Asia even more intensively.
opsira’s customers support is being expanded by international distributors steadily.