Business | Company News | Bilton | News-Spot | Feb 19, 2019

Patrick Mueller is Leaving Bilton

Patrick Mueller, founder of the light specialist, Bilton, will be working at the company until the end of March, at which time he will hand over his duties to his successor. He will remain loyal to the company by being available as an external consultant.

Mueller explained the reasons for his decision as follows: “It was a personal decision on my part to leave the company. The 9 years since I founded the company have been exciting and very educational. Developing a company’s turnover from 0 to 11.2 million Euros and creating over 60 jobs was something very special. Finding out what my personal limits were through the development of technologies and markets was a unique opportunity. Personnel development in a structurally weak industry environment was a big challenge. We managed to become an important, socially responsible employer in the region.”  

Next to the industrial engineering successes, Bilton was also pleased to be nominated for two industry prizes, and the state prize for innovation, export prizes as well as belonging to the top 150 strongest growing businesses in Austria and the top 1,000 strongest growing businesses in Europe.

Summing up, Patrick Mueller said, “The best years of my career were spent at Bilton. Nevertheless, I have felt a change and I can see new, exciting topics coming up in the lighting industry that I would like to follow. In addition to that, my daughter Tess was born during my time at Bilton and in May my second child will be born. I feel that this is the perfect time to dedicate more time to my family.”

He looks at the future in an expectant and positive fashion: “I will always be a part of the company. There is a strong proprietorship, which will keep Bilton in the top position that it finds itself in, today. It has shown itself as ready for an expansion offensive and wants to keep driving Bilton as the innovation leader on the market. As an external consultant I will stay true to the company and bring in constructive topics for deliberation.”

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