Business News | Sep 30, 2009

Philips Lumileds Opens Office in Shanghai to Support Customers & Development of SSL Solutions

Philips Lumileds announced that it has opened a new office in Shanghai that is being staffed with an applications team and market specialists to support the growing number of companies in China developing solid-state lighting solutions. The applications team and specialists will support customers as they design systems for reliability, efficiency and performance. By providing optical, thermal and electrical LED design expertise, Philips Lumileds will further support rapid development and market entry for new LUXEON LED based products that deliver the energy saving performance and environmental benefits of solid state lighting.

"We are extending our experience and ability to create reliable and efficient solid-state lighting solutions using LUXEON LEDs to our customers in China by providing direct and local access to world class applications support,” said Steve Barlow, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Philips Lumileds. "No company has a longer history of working with power LEDs than Philips Lumileds and through application assistance for our customers we continue to support the overall SSL market expansion with reliable LUXEON based products.”

"We appreciate the continued investment in people and resources that Philips Lumileds is bringing to the China SSL market and industry,” said Madam Wu Ling, Secretary China Solid State Lighting Alliance (CSA).

Philips Lumileds applications and market specialists have a proven track record of working with companies around the globe to help develop industry firsts such as the world’s first LED backlit television, the first ever functional LED camera phone flash and the first complete LED vehicle headlamps. Now, with the broadest portfolio of LEDs for illumination applications, Philips Lumileds is supporting innovative illumination solutions that save energy, save money, are long lasting, and often provide never before possible lighting for people to enjoy.

About Philips Lumileds:
Philips Lumileds is the world's leading provider of power LEDs for illumination solutions. The company's leading light output, efficacy and thermal management are direct results of the ongoing commitment to advancing solid-state lighting technology and enabling lighting solutions that are more environmentally friendly, help reduce CO2 emissions and reduce the need for power plant expansion. Philips Lumileds' LUXEON LEDs are enabling new solutions for shop, outdoor, office, school, and home lighting applications. More information about the company's LUXEON LED products and solid-state lighting technologies can be found at
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