News-Spot | Business News | Dec 22, 2011

PhosphorTech Now Sells High-Performance Nitride SSL Phosphors Online

A wide range of patent-pending nitride phosphors are now available for blue (and UV) LEDs with emission colors from green to deep red. These phosphors ( are ideal for demanding high brightness LED (HBLED) applications requiring high quantum yield (QY) and temperature stability.

The high performance nitride phosphors can be used independently or mixed with conventional garnet (YAG, TAG, etc.) material to produce light emitting devices and solid-state lighting fixtures with a broad range of Correlated Color Temperatures (CCTs) and Color Rendering Indices (CRIs).

The wide selection of available colors enables the lighting designer to create custom LED colors and chromaticities for saturated backlight displays (LCD backlighting) or indoor/outdoor lighting fixtures with warm white and high CRI or Color Quality Scale (CQS) properties.

About PhosphorTech Corp:
PhosphorTech Corporation was formed in 1998 with the support of the Advanced Technology Development Center at the Georgia Institute of Technology. After successfully commercializing many SBIR-funded technologies, PhosphorTech has developed into an independent corporation with internationally recognized accomplishments in the fields of photonic semiconductors and novel nano-materials for energy-efficient applications.
PhosphorTech Corporation has recently started growing at a fast pace and is continuously seeking new areas of research and product development. Currently, the company's scientists, engineers, and technicians are involved in a multitude of R&D, engineering, and product development projects for clients. The mission of PhosphorTech is to develop and manufacture new photonic materials, nano-materials, and advanced technologies for energy-efficient applications (“Green Technologies”). These applications range from solid state lighting and electronic imaging, to greenhouse gas reforming into useful chemicals and solar fuels. The company's current nano-technologies also find a range of other applications including solar cells, sensors, biomedical, and water/air purification.