Business News | Jul 25, 2011

Pro-Lite Appointed Ocean Optics Channel Partner for Light Measurement

British photonics and light measurement equipment distributor Pro-Lite Technology Ltd is pleased to announce their appointment as Channel Partner for Ocean Optics, for the sale of their spectrometer systems for light source measurements.

Pro-Lite is a specialist supplier of photometric equipment and services to the lighting industry. Those engineers who are developing the next generation of ultra-efficient lighting will know how important fast, accurate and affordable test equipment is when it comes to being able to bring new products to market quickly. Pro-Lite – in partnership with Ocean Optics – can help save solid state lighting companies time and money with innovative spectrometer-based test and measurement equipment for luminaires, solid state lighting, lamps and LEDs.

Ocean Optics chose to partner with Pro-Lite because of the company’s focus in the lighting market and technical competence in the technology of light source measurements, photometry and spectroradiometry. Pro-Lite’s Robert Yeo commented: “Pro-Lite aims to provide a complete solution to measuring the amount and colour of light. Our appointment as the Ocean Optics channel partner for lighting recognises our focus in the market and allows us to provide a more flexible, value for money solution for those who need their light measurement equipment to be not only affordable but also adaptable”.

About Pro-Lite:
Pro-Lite provides a solution for almost any application in measuring the colour and brightness of LEDs, luminaires, lamps and displays. From a simple, inexpensive lux meter, to the world’s most advanced imaging photometers, from a near-field imaging goniophotometer designed for measuring luminaires to a 3m integrating sphere spectroradiometer, the company has a light measurement system that can be relied upon to give accurate, repeatable data.


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